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Marlon Wayans recently announced that he wants to play Plastic Man for DC. Superhero movies are dominating the box office, and it seems that almost every celebrity wants a piece of the superpower pie. According to fans, Plastic Man is the DC version of Mr. Fantastic, and adds a unique aspect to the table: comic relief—something that Wayans is an expert at. Aside from his busy career in comedy, fans are still asking about the relationship between Angelica Zackery and Marlon Wayans. They have an untraditional relationship, but according to Wayans, it works for them. Here’s what you need to know about their reasons against marrying and more about Wayans’ career.

Marlon Wayans’ Wife?

Who is Marlon Wayans married to? The White Chicks star has never been married, but people consider Marlon Wayans’ wife to be Angela Zackery (often misspelled as Zachary or Zackary) because she is the mother of his children. In a heartfelt Instagram post on her birthday in February 2018, he called her his “Ex-wife, children’s mother, sister, friend, and family.” In 2019, he wrote a similar post about how grateful he is for her.

The couple have been in a relationship for over a decade, but broke up in 2013. Wayans is notoriously private about his personal life, but he spoke about his reasons for avoiding marriage, saying: “If I was married, I would be divorced. I’m anti authority. I don’t like being told what to do. I like my own space. I don’t like living with people.”

He talked about his brothers’ divorces and believes that the reason why his kids’ lives didn’t change after he broke up with Zackery was because they never married. “It stayed the same. I think it works. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” He considers his relationship with Zackery a good one, seeing that they were able to raise two bright kids.

Wayans and Zackery Co-Parent Their Children

Wayans and Angelica Zackery’s kids include daughter Amai and son Shawn, and the couple decided to co-parent, even after their relationship came to an end. When asked why they remained “together” but did not live together or marry, Wayans said, “I like to keep it fresh. Because when you live together that’s when the sweatpants and cream on the face comes out and it kind of says you’re not going to get some.” If you’re looking for pictures from Angelica Zackery’s Instagram, she has her profile set to private and spells her last name as “Zackery.”

Wayans’ NBC Series Was Based on His Life with Zackery

As for Wayans, he is well on his way in his comedy career. In 2017, he starred in Netflix’s Naked, and Marlon on NBC. The show featured Wayans as Marlon Wayne, a sensation on social media, who is co-parenting with his ex, played by actress Essence Atkins. Wayans’ show was said to be “eighty-seven percent” a reflection of his actual life. He was excited for fans to see a “different kind of TV dad” and a “different kind of TV family.”

Fans were pleasantly surprised by the sitcom based on Wayans’ life! According to Deadline, “NBC’s Marlon Wayans comedy series, Marlon launched with a 1.3 demo rating—the highest rating among 11 new or returning scripted series on the Big 4 this summer. Compared to NBC’s timeslot demo average this summer, Marlon measured 63% better.” Not so bad for airing on a night with competition like Big Brother and America’s Got Talent!

But despite its promising start, NBC announced the show was being canceled in December 2018, after two seasons.

Now Wayans seems to be taking over the comedy genre on Netflix! In August 2019, he will play six fictional family members in the new Netflix series Sextuplets. The movie will also star Bresha Webb, Michael Ian Black, and Molly Shannon.

Angelica Zackery-Essence Atkins Mix-Up

Angelica Zackery’s wikis online have a lot of misinformation. As mentioned earlier, her name is widely misspelled, and some sites have accidentally swapped photos of Zackery with Essence Atkins, adding to the confusion about what she looks like and who she really is.

Atkins is in so many photos with Wayans because she’s co-starred in several of his projects, including his Marlon show, acting as his ex-wife. Since Zackery is not a celebrity like her ex-husband, it’s easy to understand why the information on her is unclear.

Stay tuned for more information on Marlon’s career, and any new details on the life of the mother of his children and friend.