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So, what is the common denominator between Ivana Zelnickova, Marla Maples, and Melania Knauss? Give up? Here’s the answer: At one point or the other, all three have been married to billionaire businessman, Donald Trump. So, who is currently Donald Trump’s wife? It is the watch designer and former model, Melania Knauss, whom Donald Trump married in January, 2005. Donald Trump’s wife, Melania gave a speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention, speaking about how her husband Trump would make a superior president. Melania Trump’s speech was given on July 18, 2016, following which she was attacked for plagiarism. When it comes to talking, Donald Trump’s ex-wives are a pretty vocal about the time they spent being married to him.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Ivana Zelnickova became Ivana Trump when she married Trump in 1977. The wedding was a lush affair, and the couple became members of New York’s high society during the ’80s. Together they worked on several massive projects, including the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Trump Tower in Manhattan, and the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in New Jersey. Originally, from what was then Czechoslovakia, Ivana became a U.S. Citizen in 1988. She held senior positions in Trump’s companies before the cookie started to crumble. Hearing rumors of Trump’s infidelity, Ivana filed for divorce and it was finalized in 1992. She got tens of millions of dollars as alimony, which captivated the media for a long time.

Trump Family

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Trump’s Hollywood Connection

The woman who was accused of breaking up Trump’s marriage was Marla Maples, and she became wife number two in 1993. Marla Maples was from Georgia and was a high school homecoming queen. She started modeling before making a career for herself in Hollywood. She appeared in thrillers like Maximum Overdrive and Executive Decision in the ’80s and the ’90s. She acted in the highly acclaimed movie, Happiness and the movie, Black and White. Her other films include, A Christmas Too Many, Two of Hearts, Loving Annabelle, and Something Wild. She was married to Trump for six years before heading for divorce in 1999.

Marla Maples

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Talk is Trouble

Enter wife number three, Melania Knauss, who married Trump in 2005. She too was a model when Trump met her. So, where is Donald Trump’s wife from? She is from Slovenia and is a talented person in her own right. After meeting her, TV journalist Barbara Walters declared that Melania was a very intelligent woman. Knowing Trump’s age as being 70, everybody wonders what Donald Trump’s wife’s age is. She is 46 years old, almost a quarter century younger than Trump, who will become America’s next president. The question of “How old is Donald Trump’s wife?” has no longer been an issue, ever since Melania started campaigning for Trump’s controversial bid for president. She has encouraged Trump because she believes he loves the American people and wants to help them. However, Melania Trump’s speech (which was strikingly similar to that of Michelle Obama’s) put her under the spotlight in a negative way. Though she has been accused of lifting portions from Michelle Obama’s earlier 2008 speech, Melania denies it. She has said that she herself wrote this speech.

Melania Trump

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Three’s a Crowd

The fact that all three women are glamorous and outspoken has provided fodder for the gossip mills. Trump himself talks little about his ex-wives and prefers to deal with them through his lawyers. His firm belief in prenuptial agreements makes it a little easier for Trump to sleep at night. Maybe he can solve America’s problems given his abilities. Until then, lets hope Melania doesn’t become the next member of Donald Trump’s ex-wives club!