American Football Quarterback Mark Sanchez (Photo: Harry How/Getty Images)

NFL pro Mark Sanchez recently signed with the Washington Redskins to serve as a backup to quarterback Colt McCoy, and he did just that in Monday (December 3) night’s game against his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles. During the game, he delivered another funny moment with his posterior that took us back to his iconic 2012 “butt fumble.” Besides recording one of the most WTF moments in NFL history, Mark Sanchez has established a dating history that’s pretty iconic, too. The quarterback has a girlfriend list of some pretty well-known women. So, we’re detailing Mark Sanchez’s dating history, both rumored and real, right here.

List of Mark Sanchez’s Girlfriends

Alana Kari – Social media celebrity (Rumored; 2013)

Eva Longoria – Actress (2012)

Eliza Kruger – High school student (Alleged; 2011)

Kate Upton – Model (Rumored; 2011)

Jamie-Lynn Sigler – Actress (Rumored; 2010)

Jennifer Mueller – USC Alum (Rumored; 2009)

Hilary Rhoda – Model (Rumored; 2009)

Alana Kari, Alleged Social Media Fling

Timeline: 2013

Mark Sanchez hasn’t had a public relationship since 2013, and he claims his single status gives him more time to be a better player. But back in 2013, he sent the rumor mill into overdrive for a brief period when he made an appearance on Alana Kari’s social media.

Alana Kari is best known as an Internet personality who has also been linked to Dan Bilzerian. She was known to post snippets of her high-profile party life on social media, and one such video featured Sanchez.

Kari shared clips from a trip to Napa Valley with her friends. Who would’ve thought her friend circle included a certain New York Jets player? Though the cameo was brief, the somewhat explicit video set off speculation on Sanchez and Kari’s relationship.

Kari later deleted the videos, but they had already generated buzz. However, the rumors died down when there were no more appearances of Kari and Sanchez together.

Eva Longoria, High-Profile Romance

Timeline: July 2012-October 2012

Sanchez was fresh off the heels of his most publicized relationship when he was linked to Alana Kari. The quarterback dated Desperate Housewives goddess Eva Longoria for several months in 2012, which attracted a lot of tabloid attention.

The football star and the actress were reportedly dating on the down-low in July 2012. They were spotted together on a few occasions, including on a Caribbean vacation.

But their relationship didn’t last long. Reports in October of that year claimed that they had broken up, and gossip rags speculated on several reasons for the split.

Mark Sanchez's Ex Eva Longoria

Mark Sanchez’s Ex Eva Longoria (Photo: Iconic / All / Stringer / Getty / Images)

Some reported that Sanchez’s hectic schedule during the season got in the way. There were even allegations that Sanchez cheated on Longoria.

According to TMZ, Longoria allegedly dumped Sanchez because he was constantly in a bad mood. The Jets were at a low point in 2012 and that supposedly affected Sanchez’s temper.

However, there’s no confirmation of these rumors. A source close to them said that they “split amicably and remain friends.”

Longoria went on to marry Mexican businessman José Antonio “Pepe” Bastón in 2016. They welcomed their first child, Santiago, in June 2018.

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Eliza Kruger, Alleged Scandalous Hook-Up

Timeline: 2011

Now, this alleged relationship certainly raised a few eyebrows, because Sanchez was 24 years old when he allegedly hooked up with 17-year-old Eliza Kruger.

Eliza is the daughter of a wealthy Connecticut hedge funder, Chip Kruger. In 2011, she caused a stir when she supposedly bragged on Facebook about her alleged encounter with Mark Sanchez at a Manhattan nightclub.

Kruger supposedly used a fake ID to get inside the club where she met Sanchez. She would allege on social media that she snagged the Jets quarterback, and even posted a picture of an empty, mussed up bed for proof.

She would go on to narrate the encounter to Deadspin and clear any misunderstandings about Sanchez that would arise. She even added that Sanchez didn’t break any law.

Kruger and Deadspin, among other publications, looked into the legalities. They confirmed that the age of sexual consent in New York, where the incident happened, is 17, and 16 in New Jersey, where Sanchez is from.

Kruger also claimed that they exchanged texts after the supposed encounter. However, there’s no way to tell if what she said really happened. There was no response from Sanchez’s camp, either.

Kate Upton, Rumored Romance

Timeline: 2011

Kate Upton was the newly crowned Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year in 2011 when she was linked to Sanchez. Her sister, Christie Upton, worked with Sanchez as the client relations manager for the Jets.

Sanchez was spotted visiting the model’s Manhattan apartment a few times. At that time, there were rumors he was dating Hayden Panettiere. But Sanchez quickly refuted those claims and said they were friends. Panettiere was dating his Jets teammate, Scotty McKnight, at that time.

Sanchez claimed that he and Upton were just friends and there was no further evidence that these two dated. Even Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t get a clear confirmation out of Upton.

But, their rumors were reignited in 2013 when the Victoria’s Secret model would take a jab at Sanchez’s infamous “butt fumble” on Twitter. Either they parted on a sour note, leading to that diss, or they are close enough to poke fun at each other.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, More than Friends?

Timeline: 2010

Sanchez met Jamie-Lynn Sigler at the premiere of Keep Surfing at the Tribeca Film Festival in early 2010. He was 23 then and the Sopranos star was 29. They were spotted dining out together on a few occasions, fueling speculation they were dating.

When the rumors first cropped up, Sanchez denied they were more than just friends. “She’s a sweetheart, we’ve hung out across New York,” he said on a radio show. “She’s a great girl, but I mean she could probably do much better than me.”

But shortly after denying they were dating, Sanchez and Sigler attended the Tony Awards together that year. There were a few more sightings of the couple, making everyone wonder if they were dating or not.

However, after weeks of “are they or aren’t they”, Sanchez was seen getting cozy with an unidentified woman who was not Sigler. Many were beginning to wonder if Sanchez, the self-proclaimed theater buff, was only friends with Sigler, who’s also a theater nerd and Broadway actress.

Shortly after it was reported that Sanchez was flirting with another girl, the footballer and the actress supposedly broke up. Sanchez was apparently not ready to settle down yet, which led to their breakup.

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Jennifer Mueller, Friend-turned-Girlfriend

Timeline: 2008-November 2009

A decade ago, when Mark Sanchez was the star quarterback of the USC Trojans and top prospect for the 2009 NFL Draft, he was reportedly dating another USC athlete. Jennifer Mueller was then a 20-something sprinter majoring in PR and computer science at the university.

Sanchez and Mueller were introduced by her cousin before they went to USC. They were friends before they reportedly dated.

They were seen at her hometown of Franklin Lakes in New Jersey and at a Lakers game together. She also celebrated with the Sanchez family when Mark was selected by the New York Jets.

Their relationship didn’t last long, though. Not long after he was drafted, he and Mueller had allegedly broken up.

Hilary Rhoda, From Working Together to Alleged Romance

Timeline: 2009

SI model and the face of Estée Lauder, Hilary Rhoda was linked to Sanchez around the same time his alleged relationship with Jennifer Mueller was getting attention. Rhoda and Sanchez did a GQ photoshoot together, which gave way to romance rumors.

There was neither confirmation nor evidence of Rhoda and Sanchez’s relationship. And shortly after they were supposedly dating, Rhoda was spotted cozying up to NHL pro, Sean Avery. Some busybodies claimed these three were caught in a love triangle.

Rhoda and Avery would get engaged in 2013 and tie the knot in 2015. However, back when they were dating, some claimed that Avery had swooped in and stolen Rhoda from Sanchez.