Actor Mark Ruffalo has learned a critical lesson: never mess with kids when it comes to their Halloween candy, because if you do, they can even take down the Hulk.

In a short video posted to his Facebook page, the actor revealed the prank he played on his 14-year-old son, Keen, and daughters, Bella Noche, 10, and Odette, 8. At the start of the 36-second-snippet, Ruffalo is seen speaking into the camera, explaining his plan, “Alright, I’m gonna tell the kids I ate all their candy.” He then proceeded to put one in his mouth and walk towards the living room where his children were seated. The Avengers star pretended to be enjoying the candy when his daughter asked, “What do you want?”

In response, he blatantly put his acting skills to work and lied, “I just ate all your candy.” In less than a split second, a storm broke out, with all of them shrieking and charging at their dad! They pounced on him and brought the Hulk to the ground, attacking him until he said, “I was kidding!” The hilarious, albeit adorable, video ended abruptly with laughter and shrill screaming in the background.

In the caption Ruffalo joked, “Told the kids I ate all their Halloween candy. I think they took it well!” The prank was such a massive hit that it received over 5,000 likes in 15 minutes! Fans made light of the situation, about this being the end of Ruffalo, with comments such as, “And that’s the last we ever heard from Mark lol [sic],” and “In loving memory of Mark Ruffalo: a father, a scientist exposed to gamma radiation and mobbed to death because he ate the halloween candy. [sic]” Other Facebook users were genuinely pleased by the 47-year-old’s sense of humor and wrote, “And this is why we love Mark Ruffalo!” Another one even pointed out the seriousness of the mutiny caused by the doting dad, saying, “Did I hear one of the kids say “I’m gonna kill you??” lol [sic].”

Mark Ruffalo, Facebook post, November 2, 2015.