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Marisa Woloszyn has been covering weather in Wisconsin for two years but Milwaukee residents are already attached to the meteorologist. After over a decade working in different markets, the broadcast veteran is moving closer to home. Marisa Woloszyn is leaving TMJ4 according to the station. Since the announcement, viewers want to know where she is going next and how much time do they have with her in Milwaukee. Here are the latest details about Marisa Woloszyn’s departure from WTMJ-TV.

Homecoming for Marisa Woloszyn

Michigan native, Marisa Woloszyn grew up in Northville west of Detroit. She graduated with a BS in atmospheric science and meteorology from Michigan State University in 2011 and completed her MS in meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2014.

Back then she had already started her career in broadcast working at the Medford station, KDRV Newswatch 12 in Oregon. After two years, she moved to Eugene where she was chief meteorologist at KEZI 9 News for almost nine years.

Woloszyn and her husband welcomed their first child in 2020. Famously, she went into labour while on air and recorded her late newscast before rushing to the hospital to give birth to her eldest daughter.

A year later, she came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2021 to be closer to her Midwest roots. The two-time Emmy-winning meteorologist has been part of Storm Team 4 at WTMJ-TV since then.

Her younger daughter was born in Milwaukee in 2022. This time, uneventfully.

Now Woloszyn wants her daughters to be closer to their grandparents and extended family. With that, she’s decided to step back from TMJ4 and move back to Michigan.

TMJ4 announced it on April 12 and Woloszyn confirmed it on her social media too. Her last day on air in Milwaukee is on May 12.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to move back home. It is bittersweet though because I’ve loved my time at TMJ4 especially on the morning team and the weather team,” Woloszyn said on air on Wednesday. “I’m looking forward to being closer to family and giving my daughters the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents.”

After signing off from TMJ4, Woloszyn and her family are moving to Detroit. She’s going to join the team at WXYZ in Motor City, the station where she interned at during college. She will do the weekend night forecasts and during the week too.

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Milwaukee still has a month with Marisa Woloszyn and she’s hoping to make the most of it. Keep up with her on social media and don’t miss her final weeks at TMJ4 here.