This is a disturbing story no matter how you look at it. In a desperate plea for some kind of financial help for medical expenses, Alison Carey posted a video begging her sister Mariah Carey to help her.

“Don’t abandon me like this,” Alison says in the video. Before that she tells Mariah she loves her. Alison is a recovering drug addict who was left with brain and spine damage after a home invasion on her property last April. She’s been back and forth from the hospital since the incident.

Mariah’s brother Morgan has sided with Alison, saying he and Mariah have been out of touch for years but that Mariah needs to step up and help their sister. He goes as far as blaming Mariah for Alison’s circumstances and current condition.


The response from Mariah’s camp has been that she has helped her entire family to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, including helping Alison’s kids. Mariah herself hasn’t yet commented on the situation.

Either way, it’s touched a nerve across social media, with plenty of people weighing in with their perspective on both sides of the situation. Hopefully there’s a silver lining somewhere. Check out the Alison Carey’s plea below and let us know what you think!

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