Want to own a Porsche? Odds are you said a big, “Yes,” but unfortunately, the luxury car brand is out of most people’s price range. However, you can live vicariously through Maria Sharapova, who has been showing off her new wheels as part of a recent trip.

The Russian tennis sensation is now the proud owner of a Porsche 911 Carrera, a model that has existed since 1963. And if you doubted whether or not it truly is a luxury vehicle, wonder no longer; it costs within the range of $102,000 to $140,000! Not that Sharapova can’t afford it, given she has won over $36.4 million (USD) in prize money from her tennis career, but the truth is the car was probably a gift, as she is now a “brand ambassador” for the car manufacturer.

Maria Sharapova’s Twitter posts features her standing and pointing at the car, which she got in a sleek black color. But what’s more interesting is that the car isn’t in her native country of Russia; she brought it all the way to Australia! “The new @Porsche 911 Carrera made its way to Melbourne….and took me to the highest building in the city..The Edge [sic],” she wrote. The highest building in question is Eureka Tower, a 975-foot-tall, gold-plated skyscraper. The Edge is on the tower’s 88th floor and is a glass cube sticking out of the building, with the floor, walls and ceiling all being transparent.


Fans were able to suppress their jealousy long enough to compliment Sharapova on her recent acquisition, with comments like, “2 of the Most Beautiful Things in this World [sic],” and, “Great car for a wonderful woman.” And at least one fan apparently isn’t much of a gearhead, because they wrote, “If i should choose between this car and you then no doubt i will choose you for sure! [sic]” We’ll second that!

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