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Margot Robbie is excited to welcome the newest member of her family. Recently, the 26-year-old actress shared an adorable picture of her new puppy! Take a look at Margot Robbie’s Instagram picture below.

Margot Robbie is now crazy about two things in her life: her husband, Tom Ackerley and her adorable new pup, Boo Radley.

Margot Robbie shared a photo on her Instagram of a tiny rescue pup that she adopted. Together, Robbie and her husband welcomed the new member to their family with open arms, and the little guy couldn’t be cuter! They named the puppy Boo Radley, after the misunderstood character from Harper Lee’s classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

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In the picture posted on Margot Robbie’s Instagram, Boo Radley looks quite happy and comfortable sitting on a huge bean bag chair. Although, it looks like the little guy could get lost in there, the cuteness level is off the chains, and people are loving it!

This is not Robbie’s first pet. While filming Suicide Squad, Jared Leto was so immersed in his role as the Joker that he gave his costars bizarre gifts. He sent bullets to Will Smith, and a love letter to Margot Robbie that included a live rat! The rat, named Rat Rat, stayed with various cast members while filming in Toronto. Eventually, director Guillermo del Toro adopted the rat, and re-named him Venustiano.