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It’s time to catch up with beauty mogul, Marcia Kilgore and her latest business venture! She may not be well known outside the beauty circles, but she has been in the beauty business for decades. Before people fell in love with lip kits, there was Marcia Kilgore and you can learn more about her with our Marcia Kilgore wiki.  

Marcia Kilgore’s Age and Early Life

Marcia Kilgore, age 49, was born on October 16, 1968 in Saskatchewan, Canada to Monty and Lorene Kilgore. Marcia Kilgore’s husband is Thierry Boue and they live in London, UK, with their kids. She grew up in a modest family started out as an aerobics instructor, while attending New York University.

Marcia Kilgore’s net worth is unknown but she’s definitely worth millions.

Marcia Kilgore’s Beauty Pie

As beauty experts will know, Kilgore started with her spa, Bliss, in 1996, which was then followed by Soap & Glory, FitFlop, and now, Beauty Pie. It’s like Netflix meets Sephora, where customers and buy beauty products at the cost they are made, but need to pay a monthly subscription fee. Anyone who isn’t a member has to pay the retail prices listed.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kilgore talked about how long she had been thinking of the concept for Beauty Pie, which launched in 2016.

“Probably my whole life,” said Kilgore. “I love beauty. I love being able to help women look better and feel more confident. It’s fun. It gives me an enormous amount of energy. It’s my ‘thing’. But dealing with retailers, pretending that a product is worth 10X more than it costs to make, that has always made me really uncomfortable. I am many things, but I am not a faker.”

She continued, “I guess it took me 25 years, and the advent of the internet and the power of social media to think: THIS IT THE WAY FORWARD. I know how to formulate. I know the best chemists and the best suppliers. I want to give people a bigger piece of their BEAUTY PIE [sic].”

She Wants Her Customers to Have the Best

When it comes to beauty products, Kilgore wants her customers to get the best products that money can buy, without having to go broke in the process. When she pitched the cost-affordable idea to beauty editors, they didn’t believe her at first.

“I want to democratize access to the best beauty products in the world,” said Kilgore. “To blend the concepts of Netflix and crowdfunding, of a luxury kind of beauty Costco, where if you do just decide to join (and it’s $99/year, or $10/month) you have access to products from the world’s best beauty suppliers, in Switzerland, France, Korean, Italy, Japan, at the prices they come out of the factory for (without the typical 1000% markup).”

She added, “The really beautiful thing? Because we don’t have to hit any kind of margin, our product development team goes out looking for THE BEST product. Not the cheapest, or the one with the best margin, but simply the best. You can’t argue with that!”

To find out what the serial entrepreneur is working on next, you can check out Marcia Kilgore’s Instagram! It’s packed with great stuff!