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Marci Rubin has been bringing all the latest news coverage to New Jersey for 15 years, but she’s been in the industry longer than that. Now the Emmy Award-winning news anchor is changing gears in her professional life. Marci Rubin announced she is leaving News 12 New Jersey in January 2023. Since then, News 12 viewers have been seeking answers about where she is going next and if she will continue in broadcasting. More importantly, they want to know if she will remain in Hoboken. Find out what Marci Rubin said about leaving News 12 New Jersey here.

Marci Rubin Steps Back from News 12 New Jersey

Marci Rubin received a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from SUNY Geneseo, and a master’s in communication arts from the New York Institute of Technology. Her resume is awe-inspiring to aspiring broadcast journalists.

Her earliest job in the news industry was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Rubin was a reporter and anchor at WBTW News13 from 2001 to 2004.

She later returned to New York, where she was a News 12 Long Island reporter until 2008. That  same year, Rubin relocated to Hoboken, New Jersey, and has been there since.

Rubin has been a part of the team at News 12 New Jersey for over 15 years. She’s delivered outstanding reportages and interviews and earned recognitions like Emmy and Associated Press Awards.

Now, this veteran journalist is switching career trajectories. Marci Rubin wrapped her last day on the air at News 12 New Jersey on January 27.

It was not only her last day at the station, but it was also her last in broadcast journalism in general. However, she’s not leaving the industry entirely.

Rubin is putting the hectic on-camera life of reporting and anchoring behind for the immediate future. Instead, she is moving to the non-reporting side of the news industry.

Her new role and where she is heading still need to be revealed. Nonetheless, Rubin stated she would still be active on her social media profiles and could reveal details about her new career move there. Also, it appears that she will stay in New Jersey.

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Meanwhile, Carissa Lawson and Syma Chowdhry are among her colleagues who shared social media messages congratulating Marci Rubin on her new job and expressed how much they will miss her at News 12 New Jersey. They echoed several long-time viewers who also wished her well.