The holidays can be a pretty tricky time of year when you’re dating an older man who has a family from his past relationships. Sugar daddies often find themselves torn between the new woman in their life and their kids, who unfortunately sometimes come with an ex-wife.

One former celebrity couple is trying to work around the problem. Marc Anthony, 45, is reportedly going to be spending Christmas with his ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, and their two young kids, but he’s planning to bring along his new sugar baby, 22-year-old Chloe Green. “J.Lo and Marc want to have Christmas together with their twins, Emme and Max, so Chloe and Casper [Smart] are likely going to go along, too,” one insider dished—Smart is Lopez’s new, much younger boyfriend.

It’s a smart plan, but it only works if there’s no bad blood between the exes. Although Anthony is currently duking it out with his other ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, over child support money, things seem to be fairly amicable with Lopez. Since the former celebrity couple is said to be on “good terms” now, it should hopefully make things less awkward.


The other thing they might have to worry about is the relationship between Green and Lopez. Chloe and Anthony broke up shortly after they first started dating because she felt like Lopez was too much competition, and that Anthony still had feelings for his famous ex-wife. He did eventually get back together with Green, and their May-December relationship looks like it’s only gotten stronger, but you can’t help but wonder how comfortable his sugar baby really is with having to spend the holidays with his ex-wife.

What do you think: Would you be OK with spending Christmas with your partner’s ex?


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