After dating for a year, Marc Anthony, 45, and his much younger girlfriend, 22-year-old Chloe Green, decided to break up, because their busy schedules was putting too much of a strain on their May-December relationship. However, Marc Anthony must have found a way to free up his schedule, because, less than two months after splitting from Chloe Green, he’s moved on with a new younger woman.

The singer has reportedly reunited with his ex-sugar baby, 26-year-old model Shannon De Lima. The celebrity couple first started dating back in 2012, but amicably ended their May-December relationship about a year later. That’s when Marc Anthony started dating Chloe Green.

Shannon De Lima first hinted at the celebrity couple’s reignited romance when she posted an Instagram picture on March 9 of them hugging, with the caption, “Happy!!!! With my love.” She posted another intimate picture a week later, but this one really caught people’s attention, because they’re both clearly wearing rather big pieces of jewelry on their ring fingers, sparking rumors that the celebrity couple has skipped right over dating and is headed straight for marriage.


When the celebrity couple was spotted together in L.A. a couple weeks later, Marc Anthony’s left hand was tucked into his pocket, but Shannon De Lima was still wearing the same diamond ring.

What do you think: What would you do if you found out your older man was engaged to his ex just two months after breaking up with you?


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