Marc-Andre Fleury received his Stanley Cup 2017 ring a couple of days ago, and fans love the bling on him! People were more than happy to see the goaltender play after they gave him a hero’s welcome. And we’re sure Marc-Andre Fleury’s wife, Veronique Fleury, is as proud as everyone else! If you were wondering who she is, then we have what you need to know.

Veronique Fleury and her hockey champ husband are one big happy family—and it shows! The couple were high school sweethearts and have come a long way from there.

Because Veronique Fleury tends to stay away from the cameras, fans are now interested in getting to know her better. So get the scoop on her, right here, with details from Veronique Fleury’s wiki!

Childhood Sweethearts

Marc-Andre Fleury and Veronique Fleury got married in 2012, but their association has been a long one! The couple has known each other since they were teenagers and have been together since the age of 15.

In an interview, Marc-Andre Fleury explained that he needed a bit of help from his sister.

“She always told me she didn’t want to date a hockey player,” Fleury said. “I always told her, ‘I’m not a hockey player; I’m a goalie.’ That was a while ago. I had to ask my sister to hook me up a little bit.”

But it turns out that Veronique Fleury was already pretty impressed with him, all thanks to his million-dollar smile!

Veronique Fleury’s Wedding

The couple got married in July 2012, at the Basilique Notre-Dame De Montreal, in Canada. Although the ceremony was not very elaborate with 250 guests in attendance, the event looked straight out of a fairy tale.

The basilica itself is a very impressive place, but the added charm was the happy couple. While Veronique Fleury wore a strapless fitted gown, the goaltender looked more than fetching in his black tux.

The couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in 2017. And they are excited for the many more that will come their way.

She’s a Proud Mom

Veronique Fleury and her husband welcomed their first daughter, Estelle Fleury, in April 2013, and their second one, Scarlet Fleury in July 2015. The family also have two dogs, making every holiday card packed with love!

The mom of two doesn’t shy away from showing off her daughters. And she is always surprised to see how they grow up so fast.

The family occasionally goes on vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle. When the hockey star is done with games and the season, he doesn’t talk work at home, according to his sister, Marylene Fleury.

Fleury comes back from work to spend some quality time with his family and friends and relax. And with his $20.0 million net worth, we’re sure relaxing comes easily to the family!

Veronique Fleury’s Clothing Line

Veronique Fleury is a doting mother who went a step ahead and launched a clothing line for children. She collaborated with another mother and friend, Catherine, to launch “Alex et Estelle.”

The brand offers all kinds of clothing for kids, and everything is proudly made in Montreal, Canada. Proceeds from online purchases help children in need, according to their official website.

Alex et Estelle maintains a high level of quality and softness. Their onesies, blankets, dresses, and even accessories sell between $25 and $100 a pop online.

Veronique Fleury’s Instagram

Fleury is pretty active on Instagram and has over 19,000 followers. Her husband, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be on the photo-sharing app.

Veronique Fleury is always posting pictures of her family—especially of her children and of husband’s wins.