Manny Pacquiao Shares a Really Embarrassing Video of Obama

Pacquiao Obama

Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao shared a video of President Barack Obama showing that nobody is perfect. Even the President of the United States can make a mistake, as long as he makes up for it, which is exactly what Obama did.

The video showed President Obama getting onto a military chopper in May 2013. As he neared the stairs, a Marine on standby saluted him, to which the President did not reply to in his haste. Upon entering the chopper, he saluted the military personnel inside and realized his apparent mistake instantly. Immediately, Obama was seen getting back off the helicopter and making his way to the Marine standing outside. He placed a warm hand on his shoulder, shook his hand, and said something, to which the Marine responded something along the lines of, “It’s alright.” One can only assume that the president apologized for his genuine error.

Pacquiao captioned the post, “Always show respect no matter what position you are in.” The 36-year-old revealed his humble side by sharing the post, which gained the likes of over 40,000 fans, not to mention the 2,000 shares and over 1,100 comments. Also commenting on his own post, Pacquiao wrote, “Watch the video. He goes back to salute and shows respect.”

President Obama got a lot of slack for not returning the marine’s salute when the video first went public in 2013, but most of the comments on Pacquiao’s post were in favor of President Obama. For instance, one commenter wrote, “The president doesn’t HAVE to salute them. He’s the head of the military. He does it out of respect and courtesy,” and another follower, apparently a former military man, wrote, “The president isn’t actually supposed to salute in this moment.”


Manny Pacquiao continues to inspire and show respect in his own ways, as the pro-boxer recently shared pictures of his daughter Princess’ birthday, which they celebrated in an orphanage. He quoted a Bible verse along with the touching photos: “It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35.”

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