Taylor Goldsmith: 4 Facts to Know about Mandy Moore’s Boyfriend in 2017

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This Is Us, the groundbreaking TV show starring Mandy Moore, aired its season finale last night. While the first season ended on a cliffhanger, many are more curious about Moore’s real-life romance with musician, Taylor Goldsmith. We’ve got all the details you need, right here.


Mandy Moore is part of the ensemble cast of NBC’s hit drama series, This Is Us. Season 1 ended raising questions about Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) relationship. But there are no questions about Mandy Moore’s off-screen romance with singer, Taylor Goldsmith. The couple couldn’t be more in love! It appears that Moore has a penchant for musicians, considering she has dated so many of them (and even married one). Find out more about Mandy Moore’s dating timeline and her boyfriend in 2017, in our Taylor Goldsmith wiki.

#1. Who Has Mandy Dated Before Goldsmith?

Since Mandy Moore is a double-threat singer and actor, it’s natural for her to be attracted to equally talented men. Her first serious relationship and subsequent breakup was with Wilmer Valderrama. After their breakup, Valderrama shared intimate details about their relationship, which was met with a resounding, “TMI, Wilmer.”

She later dated MTV VJ, Brian McFayden, before moving on to Filipino-American singer, dancer, songwriter, actor and TV host, Billy Crawford. There were also rumors at that time that she was dating her Walk to Remember costar, Shane West. (Face it, we all wanted those two to be together!)

Between 2002-2004, she dated Andy Roddick during which they were known as “Mandy and Andy”—because it was all about couple names back then. They were so in love that they gushed about their romance in interviews and were always each others plus-ones at events. But alas, their romance was short-lived, but they continue to remain friends today.

Moore was also in a very brief yet lovey-dovey relationship with DJ Adam “AM” Goldstein. After their breakup, she visited him in the hospital following the plane crash he survived. She had also spoken fondly of him in interviews after his death in 2009. She also dated singer, Greg Laswell before moving on to a man unlike her previous boyfriends. Georges St. Pierre was a UFC fighter and supposedly dated Moore. But he denied those rumors, stating that he was married to his job.

Moore’s longest relationship was with Ryan Adams, the prolific musician, songwriter, poet, and artist. They began dating 2007 and got married in 2009. All seemed well between the couple, but they kept most of their relationship out of the public eye. Then, out of the blue, news broke out that the couple filed for divorce and had been separated for six months prior. They cited irreconcilable differences and parted amicably. In 2016, their divorce was finalized, but her failed marriage didn’t deter Moore from musicians, as she began dating Dawes’ frontman, Taylor Goldsmith.

#2. His Band Opened for Bob Dylan

Goldsmith is the guitarist and singer of the Indie-rock band, Dawes, which also includes his brother, Griffin Goldsmith on the drums. Wylie Gelber plays the bass, while Lee Pardini is on the keyboard. Since debuting in 2009, the band has released five albums. Their last album, We’re All Gonna Die released in September 2016 and peaked at #1 on the U.S. folk chart.

In 2013, they released their third album, Stories Don’t End, which sold over 650,000 units in the U.S. The band hit the road to promote the album and joined another iconic musician on his tour. Dawes was the opening act for none other than Bob Dylan on his U.S. College Tour that year. Goldsmith admitted that opening for one of the greatest songwriters ever was a challenge, since they wanted Dylan’s fans to like them, too. They even toured with Mumford and Sons for a while.

The commercial success of Dawes is limited, and Goldsmith’s net worth is not known. So, we don’t know how his wealth compares to Mandy Moore’s $10.0 million. Her net worth at the time of her divorce was around $23.0 million, but it looks like it has declined since 2015.

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#3. He’s Okay with Not Being a Part of the “Cool Band”

While Dawes has had decent music sales and are always on tour, performing sold-out shows across the U.S., they’ve not had much success compared to some other bands. But Dawes is not keen on competition in the music market. Goldsmith is content with Dawes not being the “cool band” as he said in an interview, “We’ve never been the cool band. You know, we think our music is f***ing cool, but it’s never been part of the zeitgeist. While it definitely keeps us off top 40 radio, I think it does keep us coming off like a career band, which is a dream of ours.”

He added that he prefers to be perceived as a fresh act, thought they’ve been active on the Indie scene since 2009. “I feel like a lot of artists, when they’re on their fourth record, they’re perceived as the old guys. At least in this day and age. I like that people perceive us as just getting started because that’s how we perceive ourselves,” he explained.

One of their songs did get a lot of attention thanks to Mandy Moore, who starred in its music video. Their latest song, “Roll with the Punches” shows Goldsmith and Moore having a literal split, as in all their belongings are cut into half. But no worries, the couple is still very much together and so are their possessions!

#4. They Crowd-Funded Their Album

When they released their 2015 album, All Your Favorite Bands, Dawes got their fans involved in the production process through crowd-funding. They collaborated with Pledge Music, a music distribution platform where artists can reach out to their fans directly, to promote their album. Through Pledge Music, the band tried to make their fans more aware of their upcoming music and sold experiences for those who pre-ordered the album. The band sold handwritten lyrics, drum heads, a guitar played by Goldsmith, and a few other merchandise for fans to have access to exclusive videos, tracks, photos, and more.

Goldsmith said about the process, “ It was just an effort —when it’s hard to sell a record and then also there’s a lot of records coming out. It was just a way for us to keep the conversation alive and to try to keep a record release interesting. So, we like all the stuff that we were putting out there, and I’d like to do that sort of thing as much as we can.”

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