Tonight marks another season finale with Fargo season 2 episode 10, titled “Palindrome.” Given the previous episode’s ending—or rather its body count—the finale is sure to deliver on all fronts. And if you thought that fans were engaged by the show, wait until you see how they’re engaged by another source of Fargo hype: the show’s Twitter feed!

In preparation for the December 14 premiere of Fargo season 2 episode 10, the show’s Twitter feed spent the earlier part of the day responding to fan feedback. It’s an interesting way to communicate with fans right before a big TV event; a show’s Twitter feed is more commonly used to just post preview images and videos and while comments are possible, they are rarely encouraged and even less likely to be responded to. So bravo to the team behind Fargo for going that extra mile to make tonight’s finale that much more special for fans!

Now it’s true that a lot of the comments weren’t particularly insightful—we don’t want to spoil “Palindrome” before it airs, after all—but they were still pretty clever. For instance, one commenter wrote, “Talking to my son today when I heard it. I thought @FargoFX’s accents were exaggerated. Nope. We totally talk like that. #YouBetcha,” referring to the “Minnesota dialect” used by the characters even as far back as the original movie. In response, the show’s Twitter account replied, “Part of the #Fargo charm, ya know.” And it held true to this; all of the following responses were written as if they were being said with the same kind of accent!


For those interested in finding out where to watch the latest episode, “Palindrome” (otherwise known as Fargo season 2 episode 10) will air tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX, so “Don’t splatter yer marbles” waiting, as the official Twitter feed so eloquently put it. And it has already been renewed for a third season, which will be set a few years after season 1, which was in 2006; season 2 occurred during 1979. Of course the updated era in Fargo season 3 could mean a lot of potential characters returning from both seasons. Aw jeez!

Photo: Facebook/FargoFX

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