“Throwback Thursday” is still a couple of days off, but we won’t complain if any celebrity decides to buck the trend. And that’s exactly what Madonna did on Tuesday with an absolutely adorable photo from the past!

The photo the star posted to Twitter and Instagram is simple: a picture of herself holding three of her children, Lourdes, Rocco, and David. The look on Madonna’s face shows that she was enjoying the time with her children and that at that moment in time, there was nothing else in her world but them. Similarly, the kids looked happy to be with their mother, who even now must always be so busy with her long-lasting career. The photo is captioned, “Love Conquers All” with a heart emoticon and the hashtag “rebelhearts,” which is the name of her recently released album and ongoing tour.



The photo and its accompanying caption are likely a reference to the current custody battle over Rocco between Madonna and her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie. Rocco, now 15, has supposedly been staying with his dad until recently, as a judge has ordered the boy back into his mother’s care. However, he has been reported as saying he would rather stay with his dad. Madonna and Guy Richie divorced in 2008, the pair adopting David two years earlier, while Lourdes was fathered by fitness trainer Carlos Leon.

Fans showed support for the “Queen of Pop” in their comments, writing encouragements such as, “It does and it will – stay strong M … Love and positivity [sic],” and, “I hope it all resolves itself soon. EVERY family has its ups and downs (regardless of fame & fortune). Keep Strong Rebel Heart [sic].” A lot of the affection came from the appreciation of what a loving mother Madonna has been, still showing such love for her kids despite the nastiness of custody battles and the pressures of fame. And as they say, nothing is stronger than a mother’s love!

So far her post seems to be working to prove to people that her kids really are a priority. Besides, with over six million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined, what better way to get the message out? Hopefully it’ll come in handy when the former celebrity couple square off at their hearing in New York next month.

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