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It seems like Madonna has landed herself in a big trouble, and this time it’s going to cost her the “superstar” reputation. Pop singer Madonna is likely to be charged with sexual harassment for forcing her fan to expose herself on stage. The “Material Girl” singer was heavily scrutinized when she invited a fan on stage and made her suffer a wardrobe malfunction in front of millions.

Madonna May Get Sued

Credits: Instagram/madonna

Madonna is on her Rebel Heart Tour and performing in several cities across the globe. During her concert in Brisbane, Australia, Madonna had invited one of her fans to come on stage and join her performance. But, nothing looked right when Madonna started insensitively taunting the beautiful 17-year-old girl and went a step too far with it. The crowd went wild when Madonna pulled down the top of her fan and exposed her breast in front of millions.


While a word from the actual victim isn’t out yet, Madonna’s fans are saddened by their icon’s absurd actions live on stage. It started with Madonna weirdly chiding her fan about her looks, embarrassing the lady by saying, “She’s the kind of girl you just want to slap…” and went on to complete it with “…on the a**.” It went even worse when Madonna said, “…and pull her…” before quickly pulling down the woman’s top and exposing one of her breasts.

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Credits: Instagram/madonna

Madonna tried retaliating to the woman’s awkward embarrassment by offering to pull down her own top and expose herself, too. Fortunately, the fan didn’t go for it or it would have made the incident even worse. Madonna’s actions are being ridiculed by many tabloids, suggesting that the pop queen has lost her wits ever since her custody battle with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie started taking nasty turns. Madonna has had a similar moment on her Rebel Heart Tour, calling guest singer Ariana Grande an “unapologetic bitch” during their performance in Miami.

News channels are trying to dig deep into the 57-year-old superstar’s unwise actions and are trying to find if Madonna will get sued by the young lady for sexual harassment and public humiliation. Let’s see if Madonna walks safely out of this one. Watch that incident in the video below and see what you think her chances are.

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