Time is money, especially when it’s your money and time on the line. So when mega-star Madonna was late starting a concert, those in attendance made it very clear that they were not happy. However, the Queen of Pop has since taken to social media to explain the circumstances—or, more accurately, defend herself from the criticism.

Madonna’s sold-out concert at England’s Manchester Arena on Monday failed to start on time. Upon finally appearing on stage, the singer was met with a chorus of boos—they were apparently so loud that some in attendance claimed the music was even turned up to drown them out. The singer quickly explained that there were technical difficulties that kept the concert from starting on time, but many attendees made it clear that they still weren’t satisfied with that response.

Accompanying a blurred photo of her at a mic, Madonna wrote a long Instagram post as a result, explaining in further detail about what went wrong. She says, “The Entire video for my show crashed as I arrived for sound check. The back up file was corrupt. We had no choice but to reboot and pray for a good outcome. [sic]” Since the video lights 75% of the show, there was no way to start without it. In addition, she admits that cuts were made to the show in order to get out there ASAP, but that it still went past curfew, meaning she had no choice but to cut the concert short and get off stage when she did, adding that they “still had to pay a fine.” Nonetheless, Madonna ended the post by thanking fans for understanding and reminded them that they “still got to see an amazing show. And only missed. 12 minutes!! [sic]”


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Going by the likes on her post, at least 36,000 people forgave Madonna for the incident. However, she didn’t convince everyone, in part because of the other thing she said on stage: that the people complaining were “diva bitches.” As the comments demonstrated, she may have support, but her behavior last night still cost her at least a few fans, possibly even followers. “Facts are something you can prove not something you just say with arrogance. I was a fan since 1998, now I’m done with you,” wrote one (now presumably former) fan. Another pointed out that the star should have at least come out and explained the delay sooner instead of leaving everyone in the dark (no pun intended), and that those who pay to see her shows “deserve courtesy and respect.”

However, this whole incident isn’t likely to faze Madonna much. As one comment noted, “Haters gonna hate,” and those still enamoured with the pop sensation far outweigh the number of attendees upset about Monday’s mishap.

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