Madison Bailey attends Netflix's "I Am Not Okay With This" Photocall at The London West Hollywood on February 25, 2020 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

About Madison Bailey
Known AsMaddie Bailey
Age25 Years
BirthJanuary 29, 1999 Atlanta, Georgia
ParentsAlex Bailey, Mary Katherine Bailey
AddressKernersville, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
ShowsOuter Banks

Netflix’s Outer Banks is one of the most talked about shows during this period of social isolation. The show follows a group of teens on two sides of the social hierarchy—the wealthy Kooks and the “wrong side of the tracks” Pogues. And in between them is Kiara, an outcast Kook who fits in better with the Pogues. Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara, is one of the breakout stars of this coming-of-age drama. Our Madison Bailey wiki has all the details on this talented starlet you need to keep an eye on.

Madison Bailey Was Raised by Foster Parents

Madison “Maddie” Bailey, born on January 29, 1999, is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. But she has lived in Kernersville, North Carolina since she was adopted by her foster parents.

Her adoptive parents, Mary Katherine Bailey and Alex Bailey, raised several foster kids in their 45 years of marriage. Twelve years after their biological son was born, they became licensed foster parents and adopted Maddie and her other adoptive siblings. The Baileys home-schooled their kids, including Maddie.

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Madison is an aunt to multiple nieces and nephews.

Maddie’s mom Mary passed away in 2018 after a brief battle with sepsis.

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Bailey Wanted to Be a Singer

Madison Bailey was drawn to the spotlight from a young age, but needed a little nudge to get out of her shell.

“I’ve always liked performing, because I grew up singing, so I always viewed the industry as something I wanted to be a part of, but I didn’t know where I fit into it,” the young actress said in a L’Officiel interview.

She further added, “In high school my friends forced me to do a school musical with them. I was like, ‘I really don’t want to do this!’ I was nervous, but I did the musical and I was in love. I already had an agent for modeling and they had wanted to sign me for acting for so long but I said no. And then I called them, and they were so excited that I had changed my mind, and I haven’t thought about doing anything else since.”

Bailey got into acting because of singing. But don’t hold your breath waiting to see her launch a singing career anytime in the near future.

“I always wanted to be a singer until I hit 13 and 14 and realized I’m actually really scared of singing in front of people. It makes me really nervous! I don’t think I’d ever pursue it on its own, but if it came hand in hand with acting then I’d totally be down to do that,” she said.

Bailey Is in Los Angeles for Her Acting Career

Maddie Bailey is one of the Outer Banks cast members who’s a native of North Carolina where the teen drama is set. But recently, the actress has made Los Angeles, California her home, so she can pursue her passion.

Bailey has been doing guest spots on television since 2015, with shows like Constantine, Murder Chose Me, Mr. Mercedes, and more. But you probably remember her best as the aerokinetic metahuman, Wendy, from Arrow-verse’s Black Lightning.

After her superhero stint, Outer Banks is her first major role to date. Her character, Kiara, is one of the elite Kooks of the Outer Banks social system. But the young environmentalist is more comfortable hanging out with John B and the Pogues.

Bailey was a little closer to her hometown while filming Outer Banks in South Carolina.

Bailey is spending quarantine cooking and admittedly spending a lot of time on her phone. The young actress has projects lined up in production, but is hoping to get back into the audition circuit once the pandemic eases.

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