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Luke Walton has been pretty busy during the 2017 NBA Summer League. He has nothing but good things to say about the Los Angeles Lakers’ newest recruit, Lonzo Ball.

Lakers rookie, Lonzo Ball is living up to his coach’s expectations. It’s a big deal hearing words of praise from Luke Walton, who was once an outstanding player for the Lakers. It takes us back to when he won his second consecutive NBA Championship in 2010. Not only were the players pit against their opponents, the Boston Celtics, the media even pit players’ wives and girlfriends against each other. Luke Walton’s wife, Bre Ladd, was just as head-turning then as she is now. Find out everything you need to know about Luke Walton and Bre Ladd’s relationship right here in Bre Ladd’s wiki.

She Plays Volleyball

Bre Filene Ladd, her older brother, Josh, and their parents, Bob and Tammie Lad, come from Tucson, Arizona. She used her fluency in sign language to mentor hearing-impaired students at Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind. She managed to squeeze in volunteer work between her volleyball schedule.

At Canyon Del Oro High School, she won several Player of the Year accolades and was top ranked by Volleyball Magazine‘s Fab 50 list in 2002. She also played for Team USA at the Women’s Junior World Championship. Ladd majored in community and public health at the University of Arizona where she played for the Wildcats. She holds the record for the most blocks (124) and best blocking average (1.09) by a freshman.


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They Met in College

Walton played varsity basketball at the University of Arizona where he majored in family studies and human development. There, he met a beautiful varsity volleyball player, but they didn’t date until three years later.

After dating for seven years, Luke popped the question one Christmas Eve in a really creative way. “He put a jewelry box inside of a really big box, and I assumed he’d gotten me the earrings I’d asked for,” said Bre in their wedding feature in Brides. “I opened the box and saw my ring, and was so genuinely shocked, even after all that time.”

They Married in Aspen

August 17, 2013 was the date Walton and Ladd chose to tie the knot. They wanted to get married in a place where their guests wouldn’t be sweating in black-tie clothes, so they whisked their over 200 guests to The Little Nell in the ski hub of Aspen, Colorado.

The ceremony was at the summit of the mountain. So the guests, Ladd in a Hailey Paige gown, and Walton in a Tom James suit got ready at the base of the mountain before hopping on to gondolas that would take them to the venue. They exchanged vows with the Rockies in the background and an extra-tall altar the florist had to design to accommodate 6’ tall Ladd and 6’8” Walton.

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Richard Jefferson was His Best Man

Cleveland Cavalier, Richard Jefferson went to Arizona with Ladd and Walton. He and Walton were teammates in college. Their friendship is pretty legendary even though they were often on opposing teams. It makes sense that Walton would leave the duties of a best man to Jefferson.


Another noteworthy attendee of the wedding was singer-songwriter, Kelley James who entertained the guests with an acoustic mix of soft rock and rap. The guests threw out topics to him and he improvised hilarious raps, much to the bride and groom’s enjoyment. The highlight for the new bride was when James rapped a song about basketball and their bulldog, Gus.


Shortly after their wedding and honeymoon in Santorini, Crete and Lake Como, Walton retired as a professional player. That year, he began his first coaching job in the league with the Golden State Warriors.

The couple is inactive on social media, so there’s not much insight into their day-to-day lives. They have an almost three-year-old son, Lawson, and Ladd gave birth to their second child last year.

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