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90 Day Fiancé has been on the air for three years now, and we met couple Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins in season three. One of the more volatile pairs on the reality TV show, Mohamed and Danielle’s relationship quickly became one of the most hotly debated on social media. Mohamed’s intentions were questioned, and some of Danielle actions were brought to light with the social media uproar. The last time we saw Mohamed and Danielle, their relationship was being made a little more complicated by a third party. Luisa Berry appeared on 90 Day Fiancé as Mohammed’s potential new love interest, which sparked even more controversy online. While their ‘friendship’ was mentioned last season, we anticipate we’ll be seeing more of Mohamed and Luisa’s relationship as it plays out on 90 Day Fiancé in 2017.

The TV series follows a collection of American citizens who have found love abroad, and are looking to bring their significant others to the U.S. Each couple must apply for a K1 visa, which grants the traveller 90 days in the country. If the couple fails to get legally married within these three months, the foreigner will have to return to their country of origin. The trial and tribulations of each couple are unique— some face the criticism of family and friends, and many are accused of just marrying for U.S. citizenship, while others realize issues within their relationships themselves. While each newlywed couple on the show has their own interesting and unique story line, we have to admit that the Danielle-Mohammed-Luisa love triangle is the one that’s captures out attention the most.

So, who is Luisa on 90 Day Fiancé? Officially, she’s Mohamed’s ‘friend’ that helped him move from Ohio to Miami, allegedly to help him escape his toxic marriage to Danielle Mullins. Luisa Berry told Radar Online that “Mohamed and I met on Facebook while they were married. I helped him move to Miami. He was and is my best friend.”

Mohammed and Luisa were followed to Miami by the film crew, and were seen spending a lot of time together, even sharing a hotel room. While he and Danielle are now divorced, this is likely where her suspicions of her husband being unfaithful stemmed from. “He said he was going to Florida, but then posted photos from South Carolina to see Luisa Berry,” Danielle said. “Why wouldn’t you take your wife with you? This was while we married and he was living with me.”

Despite the accusations and convincing optics, Luisa vehemently denied a romantic relationship with Mohamed. “People think because he’s an attractive guy and I’m an attractive girl we’re automatically banging,” she said. “I don’t need people to believe me, but I was trying to get him out of that horrible situation.”

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While Danielle may have reason to believe there was something going on between Luisa and her then-husband, she isn’t completely without fault. Radar reported that Mohamed had called the cops on his wife multiple times, accusing her of stealing money, opening a DirectTV account in his name, messing with his belongings, and more.

Luisa corroborated Mohamed’s claims of their relationship being volatile, saying that “Ever since I have known Mohamed, which is several years, she has been nothing but hell for him.” She went on to say that, “He would have me on the phone while she was raging and throwing things. He had to call the police there because of the way she treats him.”

While Danielle and Mohamed have officially divorced on the grounds of fraud and adultery, their saga is far from over. We’ll see more of Mohammed, Danielle, and Luisa in the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, set to begin airing June 25, 2017.