Whoever is under the impression that all porn stars are bad has obviously never met one like Brett Rossi, otherwise known as Charlie Sheen’s new 24-year-old sugar baby. Even though she’s literally half his age, she’s apparently been a very good influence on the troubled actor since they started dating a couple months ago, especially because she’s helped him stay sober and supports him staying clean. “He has never been happier, healthier or more in love as he is with Brett,” revealed one insider.

The source also claimed that although the celebrity couple recently joked about spontaneously getting married, Sheen is said to be so “smitten” with his new sugar baby that he isn’t entirely ruling out the possibility of another marriage—Rossi would become wife number four. “They did not get married, but he hasn’t ruled out walking down the aisle for a fourth time with Brett,” said the insider.

If she’s having such a positive effect on his life, maybe it’s not such a bad thing for Sheen to be with the former porn star. Maybe it’s the kind of stability he needs, although she hasn’t been able to stop him from going on absurd, hate-filled rants on Twitter. But one step at a time.


What do you think: Would getting married again finally get Charlie Sheen to calm down?


“Charlie Sheen’s New Porn Star Girlfriend Brett Rossi Helps Him Stay Sober!” In Touch web site, January 8, 2014; http://goo.gl/Hq4n8v.

Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

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