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Various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have made many people famous all over the world. One girl who has earned fame through social media is Lance Stewart’s girlfriend, Lizzy Wurst. Here is everything you need to know about Lance Stewart’s girlfriend in 2017.

Social media gives people the perfect opportunity to communicate with one another. Many create vlogs and upload them onto the Internet. This is a way of earning a living, as well as garner fans and fame in the industry. Now that the trend of Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram is so prevalent, a lot of people are taking advantage of this perfect opportunity to make fans online.

One YouTube star that has earned a lot of fame and has more than 78,000 followers, is Lance Stewart’s girlfriend, Lizzy Wurst. It comes as no surprise that Elizabeth Wurst (a.k.a Lizzy Wurst) has a huge fan following! She is one the fastest growing celebrities on YouTube and has more than 78,000 subscribers on her channel. With so many followers, there has to be something interesting about her! So, if you have been scratching your head and want to know more about Lizzy Wurst’s YouTube channel, age, and Instagram, then keep on reading.

Lizzy Wurst’s Wiki

Lizzy was born on July 22, 1998 in the United States. The famous YouTube star is 18-years-old and she has a younger brother who appeared on many of her Vine videos. Before gaining popularity on YouTube and Instagram, she was famous on Vine. In 2014, she started gaining popularity on Twitter and had a lot of followers on Vine by posting comedic clips and short song covers.


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Lizzy’s YouTube Videos

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She started her channel on YouTube in mid-2016 and now has more than 700,000 YouTube followers. Lizzy uploads videos once a week and the videos in her channel average around 120,000 views per day! This calculation means that she earns around $75,000 approximately every year from advertisements. Lizzy Wurst’s net worth is estimated to be $40,000.

Currently, Lizzy posts many challenge videos such as the Huge Jell-O Bath challenge, the Permanent Marker Makeup challenge, the hilarious Whisper Challenge, and she has even created her morning and night routine videos. Additionally, she has done collaborations with other YouTube stars, such as her boyfriend Lance Stewart, Sabrina, and Big Nik. Her biggest video was the Pepper Challenge, which went viral.

Lance Stewart and Lizzy’s Relationship

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She met her boyfriend, fellow YouTube star Lance Stewart, in high school. According to her recent video on YouTube, Lizzy said she was walking down the hallway and Lance was walking the other way. She found him to be extremely cute and decided to find out his name. Lizzy then “stumbled” across his Instagram account. Upon checking out (or lurking) his account, she found he had the Kik app, and she messaged him on it saying, “Hey you are really cute.” One direct message is how they started talking to each other and in May 2013, Lance went over to her place with a dozen of roses and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Lizzy’s Personal Details

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The three places where Lizzy Wurst desperately wants to go are Dubai, Disney, and Hawaii. If she had the option to change her name, she would change it to Sabrina. As for superheroes, Lizzy would love to be Superwoman. Her biggest fear is bees and she wants to get a Pomsky dog.


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