“Go out and pursue your dreams.” That’s the message Asta Young wants to give to those who have even the tiniest of aspirations in his or her heart. Young is a star on the TV show Little Women: Dallas and is working hard to fulfill her dream of owning her own bar. She’s an artist whose pop art pieces can be seen and purchased from her website. Young loves to wear different costumes and have fun.

Though she might be a little person, nothing will stop her from going out and achieving great things. Asta Young’s height may be 4’5”, but she has never let that come in the way of pursuing her big dreams. She says that “’One of the most important things you can accomplish is just being yourself.’ I am 4 ft 5, a little person, but it doesn’t stop me from chasing my dreams. If anything, I embrace it and live it. Even if my imagination and the things I paint are a little weird, but never let anything change who you are and what you like to do.” Young became famous for her appearance on the reality TV show Little Women: Dallas and is known as the clown of the group. For anyone who wants to know more about her, here are some details from Asta Young’s wiki.

Working on a Dream

Born on October 31, 1992, in Hong Kong, China, Asta Young’s age is 24, and she’s a Scorpio. Asta Young’s husband’s name is Ty Goossen, and they both work at a popular bar in Dallas, Texas. After their wedding, the couple celebrated their dreamy honeymoon in Cabo and had a fantastic time. Young became an American citizen about four years ago and is thrilled to be working and living in the United States. She and Goossen hope to have a bar of their own one day and Young’s reality TV appearance is a positive step in that direction. She is very appreciative of her husband’s support in her every endeavor and shared a picture of them on Instagram for his birthday with the caption, “Thank you for always standing by my side in our countless adventures, and loving me for who I am.”

Art Is Her Passion

Young is a very creative person who likes to have fun. She got attention at conventions across the United States and on social media due to her creative cosplay. Young wore some elaborate costumes in the likes of Star Wars‘ Yoda, a military Tinker Bell, and a character from Warcraft. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she even got some of her fellow cast members from Little Women: Dallas to don costumes. Young loves art and work featuring her favorite characters and creatures are found and sold on her website. Her pop art pieces are inspired by entertainment and animals.

The Costume Lady

Asta Young is one of the hottest little women on the show and immediately makes an impression! Other Little Women: Dallas cast members include Amanda Loy, Caylea Woodbury, Tiffani Chance, Bri Barlup, Emily Fernandez, and Brichelle Humphrey. The show chronicles the lives of these women who are all friends and live in the Lone Star State. Asta Young’s Instagram account is full of pictures with her dressed in many different costumes, showcasing her love for pop culture and cosplay! There are some cute pics of her with her husband as well as some animals. You can also find some of Asta Young hot pics on her Instagram account! Young lives big and is busy chasing her dreams.