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His name is Malcolm James McCormick and he has multiple aliases. Everybody knows him by his stage name, Mac Miller. Miller is an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On September 16, 2016 Miller is releasing his fourth album, The Divine Feminine, from which he has already released his first single, “Dang!” Now, he has released a new single, “My Favorite Part,” in which he teams up with singing star, Ariana Grande. So, if you are searching terms like, “my favorite part lyrics,” “my favorite part download” or “my favorite part mp3,” stop right now. We will tell you all about the new song by Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande that is creating waves among their fans.

Take it Slow

The song is about two people who have fallen in love. The girl is so beautiful but not conscious of it. The man says he will protect her from every danger because he loves her so much. It’s about not rushing into love but slowly experiencing one’s feelings for each other. The music is mellow with the two singers dominating the soundtrack. Mac Miller and Ariana Grande weave their voices around each other as they sing the lyrics. The result is a medium paced song that makes you want to tap your foot to the beat.

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One for the Lovebirds

There is extra interest in this single because according to rumors, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande’s involvement with each other is real! Maybe that’s why “My Favorite Part” seems even more legit; the pair’s chemistry is off the chains! Miller is still very young, barely 24, but is already making a name for himself as a record producer. He is also known for taking on multiple alter-egos like David Bowie used to. So, take some time out and listen to “My Favorite Part”, Mac Miller’s new single.

To listen to “My Favorite Part”, just click here.