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Lisa Parker is not only a voice of caution to Chicago residents, but she’s also an inspiration to aspiring investigative reporters. However, she recently announced that she’s stepping back from an illustrious career spanning three decades. Yes, Lisa Parker is leaving NBC 5 in February 2023. Since the news, WMAQ viewers have been wondering what’s next for the veteran journalist and where she is going. Find out what Lisa Parker said about her retirement here.

Lisa Parker’s Education and Career

In 1988, Lisa Parker graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She began her professional broadcasting career working at an Iowa station behind the camera.

Parker got a start in consumer reporting in Wisconsin and later worked at a station in Virginia. From there, she relocated to Chicago, Illinois. She’s been part of the NBC 5 news team at WMAQ since 1996 and hasn’t looked back.

Her investigative coverage with her Target 5 unit has helped millions of consumers. She’s covered consumer troubles, product safety, and even financial schemes.

She exposed awful situations of consumers getting exploited, uncovered breakdowns in regulations, and revealed shocking scams. Parker’s reportages have even made local governments proactively enforce better laws. Her work has been rightfully deserving of 16 Emmy Award wins, among multiple other honors.

Parker launched another investigative team, NBC 5 Responds. Meanwhile, through her efforts with Target 5, she’s been able to recover $3.5 million for consumers.

Lisa Parker Leaving NBC 5 for Retirement

After 27 years, Lisa Parker is leaving NBC 5 Chicago and the broadcasting industry altogether. She made the announcement on social media and on the air, reflecting on her incredible legacy that has earned her a special place in the Chicago community.

Parker is currently on her final week at NBC 5, wrapping up her last stories to be aired. This will give viewers a little more time to digest the news of her retirement before her last day on air.

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The consumer investigative reporter has not revealed what’s next for her after retirement. But she did say that she’s not leaving Chi-Town, where her family has been living for years.

Lisa Parker hilariously concluded her retirement announcement by saying, “Whatever is next, I will always be an NBC 5 fan. After all, my house is full of peacock art, and much to my sweet husband’s chagrin, I’m not getting rid of it.”