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Lionel Richie is back on our screens with American Idol! He was reportedly paid millions to be a judge on the show this season, which began stirring curiosity regarding what this music legend is actually worth. Well, Lionel Richie’s net worth is still estimated at $200.0 million in 2018! We’ve got all the details you need about his lengthy career and the impressive fortune he has amassed for himself!

When it comes to Lionel Richie’s assets, it’s safe to say he owes it all to his hypnotizing vocal chords! The Louder Than Words hitmaker not only gets to live his dream, he get’s to live it in luxury! But what exactly is luxury to Richie? Find out below!

How Rich Is Lionel Richie in 2018?

  • Born on June 20, 1949, Lionel Richie is from Tuskegee, Alabama. He came from well-rooted backgrounds, and by the time he was in college, he was already singing.
  • In 2018, the “Stuck On You” singer is worth a staggering $200.0 million! However, it was reported as far back as 2012 that he had amassed a fortune this size, which hasn’t seemed to increase or decreased in recent years.
  • Richie began his singing career in the ’60s, but it wasn’t until the late ’70s, he became a sensation.
  • He soon became a singer who was on the number one spot on many charts, raking in thousands of fans and huge money!
  • Richie’s smooth voice didn’t only attract R&B and Soul lovers, but the entire world! His hit 1983 song “Hello” especially struck a chord with fans and still remains one of Richie’s most popular songs to date.
  • The song went gold with more than 1.0 million units sold in USA. Did you know Richie has sold over 90 million records worldwide?
  • Richie’s songs like “Say You Say Me,” “Dancing on the Ceiling,” and “Endless Love” have also earned him his millions today.
  • If you had the king of pop in Michael Jackson, then you had the king of Soul in Richie.

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Lionel Richie’s Car Collection

  • With fame comes money! And the best thing that money can buy is a set of wheels so shiny, it’ll have you starstruck!
  • Richie’s dream car was a Datsun 280Z, and the price on that was $10,000 back in the ’70s. Richie couldn’t afford it then, but after walking past the showroom every so often, the dealer took pity and sold it to him for $8,000!
  • Richie spent a good amount of his income on his rides—and why not? He was a certified star and driving around in a $74,263 (today’s value) Mercedes 450 SEL was a must.
  • Richie also splurged on a Range Rover L322 costing $87,350 (today’s value) and a Porsche 930, which sells north of $100,000 (today’s value).
  • And as for many others, the gem of his fleet is a Ferrari Scaglietti, which costs about $250,000 in the current market.

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See How Much Lionel Richie’s contemporaries made compared to him:


Net Worth

Michael Jackson

$600.0 million


$800.0 million

Diana Ross

$250.0 million

Lionel Richie

$200.0 million

Michael Bolton

$60.0 million


Lionel Richie’s Home

  • If you thought Richie’s songs were dreamy, then you have to see where he makes them!
  • Lionel Richie’s mansion is straight out of a European fairytale. The Italian Renaissance mansion (which has a total of 28 rooms) was built in 1929 for Carrie Guggenheim.
  • The home to the legendary singer is in Beverly Hills and his neighbor is businessman and plastic tycoon Philip Evans Kamins, according to VirtualGlobeTrotting.
  • A home of this size and location value costs more than $11.0 million, and in 1992 when Richie bought it, he paid about $6.0 million. Score!
  • The home has four garages, sprawls across 17,000 sq.ft of land, comes with 10 bathrooms and a breathtaking garden.

  • The multi-millionaire singer and Kennedy Center Honors winner sure knows how to invest what he earns; we’re talking about his home decor business.
  • Lionel Richie Home is a brand that houses a suave collection of mouthwatering home decor and luxury lifestyle products fit for anyone who knows elegance!
  • With products like signature towels, plating sets, and luxurious crystal vases (which come with a price tag as high as $26,000!), we’re sure the man is living more than a comfortable life.

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Lionel Richie’s Earnings and Divorce Settlement

  • In 2004, Lionel Richie and Diane Richie filed for a divorce after eight years of being married. The cost of the separation? A jaw-dropping $20.0 million!
  • According to Forbes, Lionel Richie’s estranged wife demanded a monthly allowance of $15,000 for clothing, a plastic surgery budget of $20,000, and a budget of $50,000 for manicures, parlor services, and personal services.
  • In 2013, when Lionel Richie was asked to appear in the Tap King commercial for promotion, he made a cool $1.5 million through the deal. Not to mention some free beer while shooting!
  • Richie is now a judge on the top singing-reality show on TV and is reportedly making $7.0 million through American Idol season 8. According to sources, both Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan were both offered significantly lower salaries than Katy Perry to appear as this season’s judges. Just how much? Well, reports say ABC kind of blew the budget on Perry (offering her $25.0 million!) and originally offered Richie and Bryan a measly $2.5 million each. Contracts were renegotiated and Richie and Bryan were then offered $7.0 million each. (Apparently, even poor old Ryan Seacrest’s paycheck took a cut, too!)