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If you don’t know Lindsey Vonn, you need to crawl out from under that rock and watch the 2018 Winter Olympic! Lindsey Vonn is one of the greatest ski racers ever and she’s also pretty easy on the eyes. Her sizzling hot pics from Instagram are turning up the heat on the Internet!

Lindsey Vonn may have her sights set on winning the gold at the 2018 Olympics, but she’s also keen on not spending Valentine’s Day alone. The talented skier asked her over 994k Twitter followers if anyone wants to be her Valentine this February 14, and the response was terrific! She earned some very creative confessions from eager admirers this Valentine’s Day —and why wouldn’t she? Have you seen her? Lindsey Vonn is not just the greatest skier of all time, she’s also the hottest!

Tiger Woods’ former flame shouldn’t have trouble finding a date. It only takes a glance at her Instagram to know she’s stunning from every angle. The downhill queen could make the snow melt in Pyeongchang with her amazing form and her sizzling appeal! To celebrate this amazing ski queen, we’ve compiled her hottest pics from her Instagram that may have you tweeting a sappy confession to her of your own!

#1. Where do we sign up for ski lessons?

#2. Our nominee for Wonder Woman.

#3. She’s always in form.

#4. Blocking out the haters.

#5. When life knocks you down, just get bigger gloves.

#6. Her perfection is blinding

#Mood #UnlikeAny

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#7. Just give her the Iron Throne already.

#8. Check out that muscle definition!

#9. Mood: Audrey Hepburn


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#10. Make way for the queen!