Lindsay Lohan is back on set! Is the red-headed phoenix rising from the ashes following her apparent self-destruction? Judging by a recent social media post, she may just have her life back on track. Or are we speaking too soon?

A pic posted to Instagram shows Lohan barely visible, assuming that’s her at all, because she can only be seen through images on a camera. But what we can see is that the image takes place in a movie studio, with staff around shooting in front of a large green screen. There’s no indication of what sort of setting will appear in place of the green screen in the final product, or anything else for that matter, but it’s most likely it’s for the film The Shadow Within, which is currently filming (her other planned project, a biopic on mobster John Gotti, is still in pre-production).

Lindsay Lohan Teases a Big Career Comeback with Strange Photo

Photo: Instagram/lindsaylohan


Lohan had a lot to say about her current role, writing with the photo, “Back on set with my inspiring director Tiago #greenscreen #earlymornings first. The older you get, the earlier you are expected to start your day just to get in some daylight scenes after [sic].” Being on set also made Lindsay Lohan a bit nostalgic, adding that, “#wheresmytwin when I need her? Lol missing the Disney Days of #theParentTrap Right now [sic].” She’s obviously referring to her 1998 movie The Parent Trap, in which she played a double role of twin girls. Of course, things were pretty different when she was a child in that film; she didn’t have the two DUI charges, for one, nor the stints in and out of rehab and legal troubles.

However, with 19,000 likes and counting, fans appeared to be glad to have her back. Supportive words from followers included, “Yayyy! Break a leg, my hero [sic],” and, “Yay! Make more art, we are excited to see it!” Hopefully Lindsay Lohan won’t let these fans down and continues down a better path!

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