Pooch Hall has had a steady career, ever since landing his first role in 2001. Thanks to Ray Donovan, he not only amped up his IMDb page, but also earned a massive fanbase in the process. Now, Pooch Hall’s wife is in the limelight. She’s not only a mother of four, but also an entrepreneur. Learn more about her mission and life in our Linda Hall wiki.

Pooch Hall and Linda Hall are parents to four children: Djanai (19), Djaeda (10), Djordan (9), and Djulian (1). Djanai has cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that leaves her developmentally delayed, and wheelchair bound. As a way way to help her “have as much normalcy as possible. And other parents, who really wish they can have this for their daughter, or son, where they experience and exercise their normalcy in the world that we live in,” her parents started inClusion ClubHouse. Before hearing her backstory and learning who she’s married to, some wondered if Linda Hall is gay. Though it’s obvious that Pooch Hall’s wife is heterosexual, here are some things you should know from Linda Hall’s wiki.

Who is Pooch Hall Married To?

After meeting her future husband in her first year of college, Linda Hall, age unconfirmed, has been married to Pooch Hall for about 18 years. The two tied the knot five months after she graduated. When her daughter, Djanai was just three years old, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. “The biggest challenge was understanding what this meant for the quality of life for our child, this beautiful baby girl that we brought into the world was no longer going to live out all those hopes and dreams we had envisioned for her. We were young parents and this was all new, but it was like we not only had to deal with the normal things you deal with when raising a child, we now also needed to learn a whole new vocabulary and live in a whole different world, her world.”

Establishing inClusion ClubHouse

Formerly a counsellor for college-aged students, personal trainer, realtor, and stay at home mother, Hall is now the founder and CEO of inClusion ClubHouse. She uses her experiences to shape the ClubHouse into an inclusive environment for those living with special needs, as well as their families, to connect and have a steady support system.

“It all started with a problem and I’m all about problem solving. At some point you have to stop complaining and start doing. The problem is that there isn’t enough for children, teens and young adults with severe disabilities to do,” she said about starting the organization. “Their quality of life is very limited to what someone else is willing to do for them. This also makes it very difficult for families to stay active and include everyone and feel a part of their community. So my vision is to create a recreational center for families of children, teens, and young adults with special needs,” she explained.

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Djanai’s Angels

Hall’s idea for the ClubHouse, began with Djanai’s Angels in 2013. She planned to open a facility for children with special needs to have activities, with a store for parents to be able to purchase things made especially for their children. To raise awareness, she spoke to elementary school children about different disabilities. For more about the entrepreneur, or to take a look at Linda Hall’s pics, you can head over to Instagram.

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