Limitless season 1 episode 14 is set to air tonight, and with a title like Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture, viewers are sure to see something interesting! How much of their brain will they use to take in what’s happening on screen?

If you’re a little late to the party—and that’s OK, because you can always watch online via official streaming services—Limitless is the sequel to a movie, which was based on a book about a drug that unlocks greater use and abilities of the human brain. While the film starred Bradley Cooper, who reprises his role in the series, the show features Jake McDorman as Brian Finch, the latest person to use the drug, NZT-48, to help the FBI’s Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) solve cases. Meanwhile, Cooper’s character, Senator Eddie Morra, is the one supplying a means to fend off the side effects seen in the book and film.

Limitless season 1 episode 14 takes an interesting approach to solving a murder case: by interviewing the victim! Well, sort of. Brian and Rebecca are tasked with solving the case of a think tank developer’s death and, in an effort to gain some understanding of what happened, they speak with the robotic version of herself that she created before her untimely demise.


In addition, Brian begins to interview agents in an attempt to find a third bodyguard, and sure enough, he finds one in Spike (Stephen O’Reilly), who seems just as concerned about keeping toxins out of Brian’s body as he does bullets, trying to get him to have bizarre health shakes.

And what about dangling threads from last week, like Rebecca’s continuing investigation into Senator Morra? A last-minute improvisation by Brian kept the status quo, but what about next time? To find out, you’ll just have to tune in to Limitless season 1 episode 14, Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture, tonight at 10/9c on CBS! If you haven’t been following the show so far, here’s the trailer for season 1:

Photo: Instagram/limitlesscbs

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