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Lily Wu has a big presence in Wichita both as a journalist and as a personality involved in community outreach. Now the longtime news anchor is stepping back from broadcasting to focus on uplifting her hometown. Lily Wu announced that she is leaving KWCH 12 and the news industry. Her followers naturally want to know where she is going next and if she will return to broadcasting anytime soon. Wu did hint at what’s next for her, and if it goes well, you might see her on the news in a different role. Find out what Lily Wu said about leaving KWCH 12 here.

Lily Wu Signs Out of News for Politics

Lily Wu has called Wichita, Kansas home for three decades. She graduated from Wichita State University with a BA in integrated marketing communications and a BBA in business administration. She also has a masters in social sciences from the University of Hong Kong.

Wu’s earliest job in broadcast was at KAKE in 2010. She started as a reporter and worked her way up to the anchor desk before leaving in 2019.

Wu joined KWCH 12 in 2020 as an anchor and reporter. While doing newscasts, Wu was involved in local organizations helping minorities, children, and youth. She has also served on several nonprofits’ boards.

Helping the Wichita community was at the forefront of Lily Wu’s career. Now she’s stepping away from broadcasting to continue her work through politics.

On February 28, Wu wrapped her last day on air on News 12 and broadcast. She’s not going to another news station and she’s staying in Wichita.

In her farewell, Wu revealed she is considering running for mayor of Wichita.

“I’m forever grateful to the KWCH 12 News family and for the opportunity to tell the stories of Kansans these past 12 years. After 30 years of calling Wichita home, my love for our community and the investment it has made in me, has led me to consider serving our community in new ways. I’m resigning from KWCH to remove any perceived conflict of interest as an on-camera personality to consider a leadership role with the City of Wichita. I believe this step is imperative to safeguard the trust you have in me and everyone reporting the news at KWCH,” Wu said on News 12.

She added, “This will give me the time, energy and attention to explore a possible run for mayor. I’m humbled by how Wichita has embraced me and my family since immigrating here 30 years ago. I’m excited to continue listening to our community and look forward to making a decision in the coming weeks.”

Wu has not officially filed for the 2023 mayoral race as of this announcement. Incumbent Brandon Whipple has not yet filed for re-election. Other notable Wichita personalities have also announced their intent to run for mayor.

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The primary election for Wichita’s mayoral race will be on August 1, 2023. Wichita residents will vote for its next mayor on November 7. We’ll just have to keep an eye on Lily Wu’s social media profiles for further updates.