Lil Windex says he wants to “clean up” the rap scene. First of all, who is Lil Windex (and is he for real with the name?) “The next best thing in hip-hop” (as he calls himself) seems to disagree with the hoards of people who like the direction in which the genre is headed. Whether he’s legit or not, he’s earning millions of followers for his music. If you’re wondering who Lil Windex is, then keep reading our Lil Windex wiki!

Young men and women are paving the way for a fresher take on rap, and one such artist is Lil Windex. Check out Lil Windex’s wiki to know all about his songs and history with comedy.

DTG, The Comedian

Lil Windex was born on September 22, 1992, making his age 25. He is from British Colombia, Canada, and started off as a funnyman on social media.

Before rap, Lil Windex was a comedian who called himself DTG. His videos on Facebook and YouTube helped put him on the map. With more than 400k followers on Facebook, the comedian began by posting videos of pranks, memes, and, of course, his raps.

Lil Windex is active on Instagram too, and often posts pictures of his four-year-old son Oakley, and wife, Amy.

His “Welcome to Canada” video, which he released in March 2017, has more than 43k views on his channel that has over 80k subscribers!

DTG, or Lil Windex, originally made prank videos with his wife and friends before graduating to making rap videos. This has lead many to wonder if this is just another prank, or if this Canadian comedian is really pursuing a career (and persona) in rap music. (But with a name like Lil Windex, how can we think otherwise?!)

If you’ve watched any of his older prank videos, you’ll notice that it seems “Lil Windex” is just a character he made up and ran with. (We are also pretty convinced he’s wearing a wig and his voice doesn’t actually sound like that.) Either way, Lil Windex has gained a serious fan base and it looks like he’s only getting more popular by the day.

He’s a Doting Father

Lil Windex welcomed Oakley on January 10, 2014, and loves him deeply. He posted a picture of his boy with the caption, “4 years old today..where has the time felt like just yesterday I was still rocking you in my arms and singing you songs till you fell we play video games together and ride electric skateboards..lord baby jesus lol..i love you so much oakley..always..happy birthday oakley! [sic]”

The Canadian rapper wants to build a great future for his son and family, and spends as much time with them as possible.

Becoming Lil Windex

Lil Windex’s songs, including “Cleanin Up,” and “I Just,” gained the rapper some much-desired fame. He also released “FMU,” ”P$A,” and “Mill” in 2017.

In an interview, when asked what exactly Lil Windex is here to “clean up,” the rapper replied, “I mean, I’m cleanin’ up everything. Everything needs to be clean. I don’t like nothing dirty. I’m like one of those OCD guys. I don’t want none of that. Like my wife.”

The artist continued, “Sometimes she has a dirty mind, so I gotta clean it up. Rap game? Rap game is lookin’ hella dirty so I gotta clean that up. My money? I shouldn’t say that I gotta clean that up.”

Lil Windex also recommends that, when it comes to cleaning glass, people should “Use a lil Windex on it and everything will be good. Shiny, sparkly clean in no time!”

He also mentioned that Young Thug was his ultimate role model, but is sure he will surpass the “Mink Flow” rapper’s success and wealth.

We are trying to contain our laughter while being mildly impressed. Is Lil Windex for real; what do you think? Let us know in the comments!