Lil Tay flashing a bunch of $100 bills. Credits: Instagram/liltay

If you haven’t heard of Lil Tay already, then you have a lot to catch up on! The nine-year-old potty mouth rapper on social media has taken the Internet by storm with her crazy antics and behaving like she is in a gang! Lil Tay’s Instagram account was in jeopardy for a long time because she’s not even old enough to have one, but now it looks like she has been verified! Get ready for some serious roasting by this publicly hated little girl!

Lil Tay announced on an Instagram Story that her account is finally verified, after many attempts of the company trying to remove her account. You need to be at least 13 to have one, but Lil Tay seems to have found a way around the rules and she’s finally verified on the photo-sharing app.

Lil Tay’s Plethora of Identities

Tay has been playing around on Instagram with her identity for a while now. Followers of the little girl on the app were constantly confused as to who the real Lil Tay is, mainly because of the number of times she has changed her name!


Among all her identities, Lil Tay Cosgrove was the most shocking and consistent, but none were ever confirmed. Before updating her Instagram bio to “account managed by mom,” Tay claimed that her manager was iCarly actress, Miranda Cosgrove (which never could be proved true).

Tay also went with the names Jetski, Trevali, and Lil Gucci Tay, but she now back to being Lil Tay Cosgrove.

As mentioned earlier, the nine-year-old now says that her account is managed by a parent. However, the identity of Lil Tay’s mother is unknown! (People are constantly wondering where this kid’s parents are, and if you’ve heard what comes out of her mouth, so would you.)

The problem with the verification is that if Lil Tay’s mom was indeed managing her, wouldn’t she have been stopped?

What kind of parent allows their nine-year-old child to talk such trash on social media, insult every viewer imaginable, and hang around teenagers who openly admit to doing drugs? (Most parents would have washed their kids’ mouth out with soap at some of the things Lil Tay says!)


That’s why it’s almost unbelievable that Lil Tay’s mom is even involved. The funny thing about the youngster’s verified account is that she became legit even before Woah Vicky could! And the latter helped the little girl achieve the success she has today!

Is it time to quit the Internet now?

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Is She Being Exploited?

If you have been following the recent Danielle Bregoli vs. Woah Vicky fight, then you may have seen an Asian man trying to egg on this little girl to get involved!

After watching the man coaxing her, people present at the incident saw Lil Tay’s reaction. And she was appreciated for the dissing, too!

The point is, as a child, Lil Tay probably had no clue as to what the gravity of the situation was. So, she simply followed along!

Lil Tay is heard talking trash, using the F-word and saying “bitch” in all her sentences on Instagram, and basically roasting everyone who views her. Who can forget her “my toilet costs more than your rent” comment? Oh, and her use of the N-word? It’s enough to make anyone cringe, parent or not.

But can a little girl come up with all this by herself?

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The Twitterverse is concerned for the girl, but there are a lot of angry responses, too! Most people are asking where Lil Tay’s parents are. And after this recent account verification development, things are about to get real!

Watch the exact moment where the man coaxes Lil Tay to get involved in the fight (and prepare to lose your faith in mankind):

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