Lil Tay smiling at the camera. Credits: Instagram/liltay

After Woah Vicky, another Instagram personality that has caused a storm in the online world is Lil Tay. This nine-year-old is quickly garnering attention from people all over the world by posting rude videos and using profanity. Recently, Lil Tay, along with another Instagram star named Lil Virgin, posted a video that has received backlash from users.

Unless you live under a rock or don’t use social media, then you must have heard about Lil Tay. She’s the new Instagram user who is trying to gain attention with all the wrong antics.

At first, Lil Tay may look like a normal nine-year-old kid who may melt your heart with her innocent eyes. But wait until the new Internet sensation opens her mouth!


You will be shocked to hear a nine-year-old using cuss words like b***h on almost all her Instagram posts.

Lately, Lil Tay has been seen hanging out with other Instagram users Woah Vicky and her boyfriend, Lil Virgin. And she has been featuring on Lil Virgin’s Instagram of late.

In a recent video posted on his account, both Tay and Virgin are seen holding stacks of cash (fake or not, who knows?), “making it rain” over the pool. At the start of the video, Lil Virgin can be heard saying, that he is with his little sister, Tay.

Me and my sister @liltay getting to the money stop hating on us 2k 18 !! We out here in La living life ??

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Then, Lil Tay starts to proclaim that they are making more money than anybody’s parents, teachers, uncles, grandmas, and entire families. Meanwhile, Lil Virgin can be seeing throwing stacks of money on the ground from a bowl.

They further state that they are living life in L.A. and asked people to stop hating on them. Lil Tay continues to say that they are making more money than anybody’s family does.

Near the end of the clip, Lil Tay and Lil Virgin turn towards the railing and throw money down at the pool.


Many people are wondering about Lil Tay’s wealth after watching the video. So, is Lil Tay rich?

Well, no one really knows. But people are claiming that it could be fake money in the video, too.

The video has received over 300K views and a ton of negative comments. And many are saying that instead of throwing money away, they could help somebody with it. Then again, as mentioned, no one is even sure the cash is real!

Lil Tay seems to do anything to gain attention, and this video is just the latest attempt. (If she’s smart, she’ll stay away from the comments sections on her posts!)

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