Lil Tay and Woah Vicky hanging out on the street. Credits: Instagram/imwoahvicky

Lil Tay is angrier than usual because some people think that all the money she has been flaunting around is fake! Lil Tay says that people are jealous because she is rich while they are flat broke. It’s another instance of the nine-year-old shocking people with her attitude and behavior. Keep reading to know all about it!

Lil Tay continues to mouth off, and her latest antic is also all about the big money she is supposedly earning. She believes the haters are “just jealous.”

It seems some people think that Lil Tay’s money is fake, and the girl couldn’t have earned all this money on her own. After all, look at Lil Tay’s age! The girl is just nine years old!


Lil Tay has said that she earned all this money by “moving bricks” and that people are angry at her because she has all this money while they are broke. That’s exactly what she’s saying in a new Instagram post…

Lil Tay on Instagram

If you haven’t checked out Lil Tay’s Instagram page, heed our warning; you may be offended. She has no problem flaunting dollar bills and taking shots at those who don’t have money.

In many of her pictures, the youngster is holding bundles of dollar bills in her hands and bragging that she makes more money than most of us. In fact, she gets mad when people question where her money comes from (considering she’s too young to even hold a job).

Lil Tay also posts videos yelling offensive obscenities about being “the youngest flexer in the game.” (Flexing what though? Barbie dolls? Again, she’s nine.)

People are “Jealous”

In a new video she posted, Lil Tay is standing with Woah Vicky’s boyfriend, Lil Virgin (known on Instagram as virgin.child), with a wad of bills proving to the camera that they are real.


Lil Tay has gotten upset that people are commenting that the stacks of cash they flaunt around are fake. She starts saying that people have never seen so much money in their lives and the only reason people are mad at her is that they are broke. Then she tells the young man to hold her money and what follows is hilarious.

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Giving Him the Finger

Lil Virgin puts the money aside, and then Lil Tay proceeds to rub some cake in his face. Then, she pushes him into the swimming pool, cake and all! But she doesn’t walk away before giving him the middle finger as he struggles to get out of the pool and scoop up the floating cake.

It’s yet another instance of Lil Tay showing off her riches and making fun of people who troll her. The kid has a dirty mouth and tons of money, which is a volatile combination if ever there was one!

To watch Lil Tay hitting back, just click below:


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