Lil Tay Wearing Her Colorful Hoodie (Photo: Instagram/liltay)

Unless you’ve just arrived on earth, you’ve heard of Lil Tay. Some (mostly Lil Tay herself) refer to her as the “Youngest Flexer of the Century.” She has shown off wads of cash, expensive cars, and brand-name clothes on Instagram. And, while she’s at it, she casually reminds us they cost more than our “mama’s rent.” But this time, it looks like her followers are so done with all her flexing.

Schooling Lil Tay

By now, you’ve seen Lil Tay crop up on your social media feeds. She’s a nine-year-old rapper who boasts about her riches, has built a complicated imaginary family with Lil Pump, Woah Vicky, and Miranda Cosgrove, and disses everyone she possibly can, particularly her own followers and her nemesis, Bhad Bhabie.

That’s pretty much a day in the life of Lil Tay.


So, it was nothing new when she posted a picture on Instagram on May 29. In it, she’s sporting a double-toned purple and yellow hoodie with a side-bag like she always does.

She captioned the post with her signature line, “THIS OUTFIT COST MORE THAN YOUR MAMAS RENT.”


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Obviously, this is nothing new and it’s not the first time Lil Tay has bragged about the price of her clothes, but Lil Tay has had an eventful few weeks. In fact, Lil Tay and her mother were recently interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America, where fans finally got to meet the woman who birthed this potty-mouthed Internet sensation. The segment surrounded the question of whether or not the social media star has gone too far, especially since she was caught using homes and cars in her videos that weren’t even hers. Regardless, she’s racked up more than 2 million followers on Instagram and she shows no signs of slowing down. She also shows no remorse for the recent comments she’s made, poking fun at the fact that her clothes “cost more than your mama’s rent.”

But those who are unsympathetic of the annoying kid undertook the noble task of explaining the intricacies of paying rent, and what mothers actually do.

If you’re part of a social media influencers-free club (can we join?), here’s a primer. Her mom was reportedly fired from her job because Lil Tay used her boss’ car for one of her videos. And then the cracks began to show…

Many wondered where Lil Tay gets all that money she shows off in her videos. Well, it turns out, Lil Tay’s luxurious properties in her Instagram productions were listings through her mother’s job in real estate. And what’s more? Her “expensive clothes” apparently still had price tags on them!


A few days ago, behind-the-scenes footage revealed that Lil Tay’s older brother has been coercing and coaching the tween to do her “flexer” antics.

After a spate of revelations, her Instagram followers had a lot to say about her latest post.

For starters, her outfit does not cost more than our mama’s rent. The “Color Camo Tiger Shark Half Full Zip Hoodie” is from a clothing company called, A Bathing Ape. The sold-out hoodie costs around $400 for women. A kids hoodie from the Japanese store costs around $200.

After Instagram users pointed out that her caption is invalid, they proceeded to explain that not everybody’s mother pays rent. Some people actually buy houses, as they wrote in the comments, and mothers do a lot more than pay rent.

Other commenters reminded Lil Tay that her mother was fired because of her! So, she should exercise some caution before targeting other people’ moms.

Some even pointed out that if she spent more time in school, she’d know that in the grown-up world, people can buy a home and steadily pay back the mortgage they owe to the bank. It’s not always about renting.

No matter the eye-rolls, snarky remarks, and scoldings in her comment section, we have no doubt it’s not affecting Lil Tay’s attitude. Afterall, it’s her attitude that keep attracting her attention from the masses, right?

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