Lil Pump (Photo: Todd Williamson/NBC)

Lil Pump's Estimated Net Worth: $4.0 Million
About Lil Pump
Age23 Years
BirthAugust 17, 2000 Miami, FL
Height5ft 5 ¾ (167 cm)
AddressSan Fernando Valley, California
JobRapper, Songwriter

Rapper Lil Pump is known for his gilded lifestyle and love for everything luxury. The rising star’s estimated net worth of $4.0 million has already put him on par with some of the best rappers of today. And, he’s just getting started!

An Accidental Rapper?

It’s a very well-known fact that Lil Pump was never into becoming a rap artist in his formative years. Today, the 17-year-old—who doesn’t have an education because he was notoriously thrown out of every school he attended—is reaping the fruits of his budding hip-hop lifestyle!

Pump was a troublemaker when he was younger. But isn’t being a “bad boy” one of hip hop’s untold requirements?

The moniker Lil Pump is becoming more famous by the day. However, it is being changed to Jetski (last name Mercury) as announced on his official Facebook account.

DJ Akademiks has also confirmed the name change through a tweet. But Pump’s fans are not referring to him as Jetski, at least not yet!

Before the Fame

Lil Pump, who was born Gazzy Garcia on August 17, 2000, was reportedly a drug dealer when he was younger. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and couldn’t complete his education, as he was always expelled from schools.

In an interview, the rapper spoke about his school days and said that he was mostly removed from public schools as a result of him getting into fights or instigating riots.

In one instance, Pump admits having beaten up a girl for putting gum in his hair!

Nonetheless, his cousin, Lil Ominous, came to the rescue when he introduced Pump to his current BFF, rapper Smokepurpp.

The two became good friends, and Smokepurpp (who’s four years older than Pump) became his mentor. He brought Pump on-board the hip-hop train when he produced a single and asked Lil Pump freestyle on it.

The song was called “Lil Pump,” and it was the stepping stone to his success!

Lil Pump’s Earnings

The “Gucci Gang” singer and current rap icon has made millions in just the two years since the start of his career, and it’s all thanks to his out-of-the-box rapping style. He describes the same as mostly “ignorant and catchy.”

Like other budding rap artists like him, it seems there is a new wave of rap music emerging. And Lil Pump is cashing in on this niche.

This new style of rap is highly affected by social media and is often referred to as “SoundCloud Rap.” However, both Pump and Purpp prefer not to have their music labeled as such, as they don’t want that to define their sound. Well, whatever Pump’s doing, it’s certainly working for him!

Lil Pump’s net worth in 2018 is estimated at $4.0 million, and it only seems like it’s snowballing for the future.

Deals and Contracts

Lil Pump and Warner Bros. initiated a collaboration in 2017. Although he signed a deal with the label, the contract was made void. He was a minor when he signed it, and they did not have a court certificate authorizing the same.

However, in March 2018, the technical formalities were worked out. It was reported that the rapper signed a great deal with the same company for an approximate sum of $8.0 million!

The amount is an advance payment, with reported additional payments of $9,000 in the first year, $12,000 in the second, $15,000 in the third, and so on, for up to seven years.

Pump has also been given 14% shares in royalties in the U.S., and is pegged to receive 66% in royalties under some other provisions of the deal.

Music Sales

Lil Pump’s highest number of unit sales was for “Gucci Gang,” which went RIAA multi-platinum, meaning the song sold 2,000,000 units! And with the song available on iTunes for about $1.29 a pop, we can roughly estimate the online and digital sales earnings at about $2.5 million, give or take.

Another one of Lil Pump’s songs, “Boss,” also went gold, meaning it sold 500,000 copies. It also topped the Bubbling Under Hot 100 List.

It is estimated that Lil Pump is making anywhere between $30,000 and $70,000 per concert, as well.

Lil Pump’s Assets

Lil Pump lives in San Fernando Valley, California, and has shown an affinity towards jewelry, cars, and expensive clothing. Pump is mostly seen sporting diamonds, luxury watches, and designer clothes. And he almost always has some cash in his hands, be it in his videos or on Instagram.

This young star is apparently spending his money on a few recreational drugs as well, which you can see on his social media accounts.

In one picture, Pump’s holding up a huge bag full of what we can only assume is marijuana. He even added in the caption that he “put all this in one blunt.” (Is that even possible?!)


The “Harvard drop out” (as he refers himself to) recently announced that he spent a whopping $300,000 on his jewelry collection. And it seems he loves buying his bling from Icebox jewelers.

Pump owns some very expensive watches, as well (which are all customized with sparkling gemstones, of course).

Smashing on ya bitch esskeetit!

Posted by Lil Pump on Saturday, March 24, 2018

Some of Lil Pump’s jewelry pieces, like his signature gold chain, which looks a lot like the Diamond Miami Cuban necklace from Icebox, reportedly costs about $106,000! He was also documented purchasing a 41mm Presidential Rolex watch from Avianne & Co. Jewelers, which has cost the rapper a cool $100,000+ per customized watch.

The rapper owns a couple of Icebox signature rings like the Diamond Star Rings, which cost $15,000 a pop.

Pump was seen showing off his $180,000 gold chain bracelet, which he seems to have bought in 2017.

The record company known as Tha Lights Global has also given him eight customized chains with the pendant being the logo of the company. They all look to have 10 to 30 karat gold and diamonds, all costing up to $350,000.


True to his fame, the rapper never leaves home without his Gucci backpack, which costs a cool $2,590. He also strolls around town using a Louis Vuitton Josh backpack, which is estimated to cost $1,500.

Apart from the bags, Pump also prides himself on using Gucci to style his colorful and bright looks. He sports Gucci products the most (like their monogram pants, sweatshirt, cardigan, and belts), as compared to the other brands.

Lil Pump was also seen buying $1,000 pair of shoes at Neiman Marcus and Gucci in a video posted on YouTube.


The current trend in the rapping world is to flaunt off hard cold cash on social media. And like a faithful disciple, Lil Pump also makes sure he has multiple bundles of dollar bills in his hands all the time.

Although it is uncountable, by the looks of the bundled up $100 bills, we can safely say that the rapper shows off thousands in cash alone. He is also seen fanning the notes out for the camera or sometimes laying in it.


The rapper says he owns three cars, of which one could be an Audi R8 in emerald. The model is a very expensive one, costing around $200,000 to $350,000.

Lil Pump’s car collection includes what looks like a Rolls Royce Wraith, which costs anywhere between $250,000 to $350,000.

It also looks like he owns a Porsche Cayman in yellow, which costs anywhere between $60,000 to $120,000.

The infamous accident where Pump crashed his Porsche went viral on YouTube, too!


Lil Pump was arrested at his home in San Fernando Valley, California, for firing a weapon inside his house.

The home, however, has not been confirmed as his own or if it is rented. But the mansion was featured in one of his music videos.

A typical home of that size in San Fernando Valley might cost the purchaser anywhere between $600,000 and $850,000.

The rapper recently released his song, “ESSKEETIT.” Meanwhile, his mixtape, Harvard Dropout, will be coming out soon!

The teen is currently on a global tour. You can find the dates and locations on his official website right now!

Here’s how much Lil Pump is worth in estimation as compared to his contemporaries:

RapperNet Worth
Lil Pump$4.0 million
21 Savage$4.0 million
Lil Yachty$3.0 million
Smokepurpp$2.0 million
Kodak Black$600,000
Tekashi 6ix9ine$400,000