Rapper Lil Pump (Photo: Jared Siskin / Stringer/ Getty Images)

As promised, self-proclaimed “Trapper of the Century” Lil Pump dropped his hot new track, “ESSKEETIT,” at midnight last night. And the official video already grabbed 30,000 plus views within five minutes of its release. Watch Lil Pump’s “ESSKEETIT” music video, right here!

Lil Pump has been riling up his fans about his new song dedicated to his signature catchphrase, “ESSKEETIT,” and it’s finally out now! If you’re following Lil Pump on Instagram, then you’d have seen a damaged Rolls Royce in the teaser he made, and it’s all there in the official video!

With the success of “Gucci Gang” and “Designer,” the Miami native has cemented his place in a very competitive rap industry!

According to Lil Pump himself, his songs have nothing to do with strategy and marketing—they’re simply “ignorant and catchy.” He knows the pulse of the youth today, and he makes sure he plays on it.

Pump is very famous on Instagram, not just for his open drug abuse and lavish expenses, but also for his effervescent personality.

The pink and blonde dreadlocks have become something of a symbol. And Lil Pump’s love for all things expensive and luxurious have made him one of the most followed celebrities of recent times.

Lil Pump’s “ESSKEETIT” Music Video

The latest music video he released, starts with a Rolls Royce driving through a gate. The car’s fate, however, is not so good. Lil Pump actually breaks the luxury vehicle’s rear glass, mostly because he can!

Pump sits on a glass or ice throne with ESSKEETIT written on it of course. And there’s a lot of money flying about throughout the entire video.

The young rapper shows off some serious bling from Icebox Jewelry. It’s a brand he seems to have a strong affinity with, as seen on his social media accounts!

And you can clearly see in the way the video is choreographed and directed that it is a celebration of Lil Pump’s wealth and lavish lifestyle.

Pump has always said that he wants more money and more fame. And by the looks of this new video, it seems he’s getting there!

With an estimated net worth of $4.0 million already in his kitty, this rising star is here to stay!

Check out Lil Pump’s new song, “ESSKEETIT,” below: