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About Lonnie Montrel Taylor
Known AsLil Lonnie
Age22 Years
BirthAugust 23, 1995 Jackson, Mississippi
DeathApril 29, 2018 Jackson, Mississippi
JobMusical Artist
AlumniJackson State University
Birth SignVirgo

It’s a sad day for rap music with the sudden death of Lil Lonnie. The young rapper was hip-hop’s rising star until his life tragically ended when he was shot and killed while driving in his hometown of Mississippi. This Lil Lonnie wiki has all the details surrounding what happened and more information on this budding rap star’s life and work.

Lil Lonnie was one of the most popular up-and-coming rappers to hail from Jackson, Mississippi. Sadly, the young artist met his tragic end in his hometown on Sunday night.

Now that the news has spread that Lil Lonnie’s dead, his fans, followers, and the city are grieving this inspiring musician.

Lil Lonnie Killed in Mississippi

Born Lonnie Montrel Taylor on August 23, 1995, Lil Lonnie’s age was 22 at the time of his death. On the night of Sunday, April 29, he was driving his SUV with an unidentified female passenger in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

According to reports, assailants fired multiple shots at the vehicle. Lil Lonnie was shot and his car stopped only when it crashed into the front of a house.

Authorities responded to a call from Montebello Drive where the vehicle had crashed into a home. Lonnie was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman with him was not injured.

Police haven’t identified any suspects, nor has any motive been established at this point.

no going back….you know imma keep it coming.

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Lil Lonnie’s Musical Beginnings

Lonnie Taylor graduated from Callaway High School and was a student at Jackson State University.

He debuted in 2010 under his stage name, Lil Lonnie. But it was his 2015 track, “Colors,” that got him recognition.

Lonnie’s mixtape project, They Know What’s Goin’ On, further increased his popularity. Pretty soon, he became an icon in Jackson’s rap scene.

Barry Stevens, his friend from high school, said that Lonnie worked hard to gain recognition by displaying his talents through social media.

“He was global, around the world,” said Stevens adding, “I could leave the state and people holler at me I tell them I’m from Jackson, they say ‘you know Lil Lonnie?’ Yeah they knew him everywhere.”

Lil Lonnie’s songs like “Change Up” and “I’m the Type,” along with album projects like the TKWGO series, made him a household name. He has also collaborated with several rappers who were his inspiration.

He Wanted to Be a Role Model

Lil Lonnie was interviewed in December 2017, which became his most popular interview to date. He spoke about a conversation he had with hip-hop legends, 50 Cent and Young Jack Thriller.

“Keep the ground consistent, keep moving around, make my face a presence everywhere,” Lonnie said was the advice he got from 50 Cent.

When asked what he would do with his first big paycheck, Lonnie said, “I’d buy a house for my family.”

That answer hit home for many. And his music career helped him achieve his dreams.

Lonnie has high morals when it comes to the darker side of hip-hop. And when asked if he sold drugs to pay for a large billboard promoting him, Lonnie shut it down right away.

Family was Lonnie’s priority over street life. His mother passed away when he was young. He took care of his father and was supporting his four siblings financially.

Lamenting that there was a lot of “robbing and killing” in Jackson, he said, “I want to be the next icon people look up to. I want to motivate others around from where I’m from because not too many get the recognition I do.

Fellow Rappers Pour Out Their Grief

Hours before the rapper was fatally shot, he had posted on Instagram and Snapchat. Lil Lonnie’s Instagram and Twitter have now been flooded with heartfelt condolences from his fans and followers.

Fellow rappers also poured out their grief on their social media. From rising rappers like Kash to hip-hop veterans like LL Cool J and Juicy J were saddened by the news.