Famed Hollywood director James Cameron is being sued by the founders of an e-cigarette business, who believe he had a pivotal hand to play in driving their company out of business. They’re not looking for chump change either—the three creators of Safe Cig Company are suing for a massive sum of $1 billion.

The plaintiffs are reportedly claiming that Cameron’s brother sold them a bill for goods when he first joined their company back in 2011. However, instead of using his famous last name to properly manage and promote Safe Cig, the brother, John David Cameron, allegedly blew millions on ridiculous things like personal vacations, alcohol, hiring unnecessary staff, and even spent a boatload of cash on bulletproof glass in his office. In other words, James Cameron’s brother effectively ran the e-cigarette company right into the ground.

So what does this have to do with the famous moviemaker? According to the founders, James Cameron loaned the company a hefty sum of money, but his brother allegedly defaulted on the loan on purpose to try and take away controlling interest in the company. The suit essentially claims that the two Cameron brothers were in on it together.


James Cameron has yet to comment on the outrageous lawsuit; although he’s probably leaving it to his top-notch legal team to handle, because he’s got his hands full with other matters. The director, who’s an advocate for climate change awareness, is scheduled to speak at the first U.S.-China Climate Leaders Summit in L.A. next week. Cameron will be joining Sam Kass, the Senior Nutrition Policy Advisor for the White House, to take part in an event that focuses on the link between food and climate change.

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