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Liam Gallagher was on a highway to hell when Debbie Gwyther came into his life. She nursed him, guided him, scolded him, and finally put him on the road to recovery. Gallagher admits that he was in terrible shape after the back-to-back breakup of his two bands, until his girlfriend knocked some sense into him. Now, Gwyther and Gallagher are inseparable, and things are looking bright for the couple!  

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. That’s what happened to Liam Gallagher (the frontman of the legendary 1990s band, Oasis) when the stabilizing force in his life, his older brother Noel Gallagher, walked out of his life. Noel left, the band broke up, and Liam was on a downward spiral of excessive booze and drug use. That’s when the angel of his life walked in. The woman who later became Liam Gallagher’s girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther. The 45-year-old singer admitted that he was headed for a dark time before he met his girlfriend. Liam Gallagher and Debbie Gwyther have been together for a while now, and their relationship has become stronger than ever.

Angel in His Life

In an interview with Q Magazine, Gallagher admitted that the breakup of Oasis, and then his subsequent band Beady Eye, was rough for him. He described the last few years as “emotional,” “eye-opening,” and “mind bending,” saying that he met Gwyther just in time. “Debbie saved me. No bulls**t. Debbie swooped me up as I was falling, she just said, ‘Stop being a d***head.’” Gallagher rarely went anywhere outside of Hampstead even after living in London for years, but Gwyther came into his life and changed things for him. “She got me out of the house, introduced me to all kinds of people outside my world, got me doing new things. I’ve lived in London a long time, but I really knew only Hampstead. She took me to new places,” he said.

Taming His Wild Ways

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Gwyther convinced Gallagher to lead a healthy life and cut down on his wild partying ways. Now, he gets up at 5:00 am and runs seven miles every day. Considering the mess of life he once led, it seems it was just what the doctor ordered, and he’s happy and healthy now. Gallagher’s life had taken a turn for the better ever since Gwyther started working as his personal assistant in 2013. Before this, she was an artist manager at Quest in London. Gwyther studied at The John Henry Newman School and worked at Fear PR. It wasn’t easy to rein in Gallagher, who was married and divorced twice before and has fathered four children from four different women, but Gwyther seems to have achieved the nearly impossible.

The World is Waiting

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Debbie Gwyther’s age is just 34, but she has a mature head on her young shoulders, which is why her entering Gallagher’s life has been so fruitful for the rock singer. Debbie Gwyther’s Instagram account is full of pictures of her and Gallagher together, and it shows how close and inseparable they really are. There are photos of them at parties, attending functions, taking walks, shopping, and just hanging out. Her account also has some sweet pics of the couple kissing. Gwyther has been a good influence on Gallagher, and everybody is hoping that he will come back and do what he does best soon: Front a band and set the rock world on fire, again!

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