Jared Leto may have put his heart and soul into playing Batman’s psychopathic arch nemesis, The Joker, in the upcoming action blockbuster Suicide Squad. But these days, he seems to be more concerned with spreading knowledge than destruction.

The old saying goes that “you never forget where you came from,” and apparently Leto has taken that lesson to heart, reconnecting with an old teacher of his from high school. However, this teacher is a lot more than a humble educator; he’s also a former spy!

Letotook to Instagram to share a video of himselfspeaking with John Kiriakou, a former counterterrorism officer and whistleblower for the CIA, in addition to being one of Leto’s teachers back in high school. In the brief clip, Leto asks what it was like being a spy, with Kiriakou replying that it was actually a lot of fun, and as an added perk, he got to visit 65 different countries—in most other jobs, you’relucky if travel sees you leaving the United States!


The clip is taken from an online series Leto is directing for AOL.com. Titled Beyond The Horizon, the series sees the actor, singer-songwriter, and director interviewing various people related to politics, art, technology, and science, with a focus on the future course of humanity. Kiriakou’s episode is the ninth in the series, with previous guests including former Vice President Al Gore and writer Andy Weir, whose novel The Martian was recently made into a movie directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon.

While Jared Leto likely sought to educate viewers with this web series, his decision to put himself in front of the camera as well as behind it may have hurt his own efforts. That’s because a lot of the comments on the Instagram post aren’t about Kiriakou or even the video’s content; they’re people complimenting Jared’s laugh and smile, which probably isn’t what he was going for. Still, with over 51,000 likes so far, it’s likely that Jared Leto’sintended message reached at least a few people.


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