Leonardo DiCaprio (Photo: Mike Windle / Staff / Getty Images)

It’s safe to say that Leonardo DiCaprio is now an accomplished actor, more so than ever before, with an estimated net worth of $217 million as of early 2016.

It’s said that patience is a virtue and this has been absolutely true for Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. His lead role in The Revenant has finally gotten him the coveted golden statue. Hours ago, Leonardo won his first Best Actor Oscar for the movie at the 88th Academy Awards held in Los Angeles last night (February 28). From this moment onward, this most anticipated Oscar win will fasten the pace of DiCaprio’s income in all future projects. DiCaprio’s net worth is largely derived from acting in tons of blockbuster hits spanning over two decades. The world fondly remembers Leonardo as the young, penniless Jack Dawson from 2000’s mega blockbuster Titanic. Over the course of his career, DiCaprio has starred in over thirty films so far and has established himself as a profitable Hollywood actor.

Being an inspiration for young generations of actors and movie lovers, DiCaprio’s global influence gained him the 89th place on Forbes Celebrity 100″ list (which profiles the world’s highest-earning celebrities) in 2015. DiCaprio has won three Golden Globes so far and has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards, including six Academy Award nominations. DiCaprio has also been an active environmentalist from the time he made it big in Hollywood. So, considering all this, just how rich is Leonardo DiCaprio?

Acting in Movies

Born in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio always wanted to end up in show business. After acting in several commercials and educational films, DiCaprio landed his first acting job with a small role in 1989 in the TV show The New Lassie. This led him to star in 12 episodes of 1990’s hit show Parenthood, and then another 23 episodes of Growing Pains throughout the ’90s. The young Leo barely made $600 a day through getting in and out of small roles in several sitcoms. DiCaprio really got noticed in Poison Ivy (1992), which reportedly gave him an ample payout of $12,000. The following year, Leonardo DiCaprio stunned the entire movie industry with his brilliant portrayal of the mentally challenged Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), starring alongside Johnny Depp, who played his elder brother. This breakout role pushed Leonardo DiCaprio into the A-list of promising young actors, and even brought in his first Oscar nomination.

After starring in critically acclaimed movies The Quick and the Dead (1995), The Basketball Diaries (1995), and his first blockbuster Romeo + Juliet (1996), DiCaprio’s net worth got a substantial hike by starring as the lead Jack Dawson in James Cameron’s highly-awarded 1997 mega-blockbuster Titanic. DiCaprio got $54 million for his Titanic performance. His Hollywood stardom rose to its peak after starring in more hit movies like The Beach (2000), Gangs of New York (2002), The Aviator (2004), The Departed (2006), Blood Diamond (2006), and Leo’s first psychological thriller Shutter Island (2010). Earnings from these movies gained a steady addition of an average of $10 million to DiCaprio’s net worth. Acting in Inception (2010), The Great Gatsby (2013), and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) chipped in about an additional $20 million per movie.

Leonardo’s latest movie The Revenant (2015), the one that finally got him his long-awaited Oscar, has rocked all major award shows with multiple nominations and wins, and has added $20 million in movie income to the actor’s riches. To sum up, Leonardo DiCaprio’s earnings from acting have crossed over $240 million, making it the biggest chunk of his current net worth.

As a Movie Producer

Leonardo DiCaprio was also nominated for an Oscar as a producer of the Martin Scorsese-directed movie The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), which garnered great box office collections and gave a major boost to Leo’s career as a producer. However, the acting juggernaut has only produced mediocre films thus far. By turning to producing in 2004, Leonardo has three producer credits for major movies and fourteen for minor films, making him $6.5 million in revenue and profits as a producer.

Endorsements and Investments

The charming face with an exceptional smile has brought in over $77 million to DiCaprio’s net worth with high-end endorsement deals. The actor reportedly earned $5 million for just one cell phone advertisement in China. The Hollywood star has also endorsed top brands like TAG Heuer, Jim Beam, and many more. DiCaprio endorsement salary is believed to to be about $7 million, if not more for sponsoring a brand product.

The star has been making great profits for quite some time and considering his huge net worth, DiCaprio has most likely gained over $96 million through investments. In 2005, Leonardo invested in buying a private island off the coast of Belize, Central America called Blackadore Caye. The 104-acre island is being developed as an eco-friendly luxury resort, and DiCaprio is expected to open it for the world as soon as it’s ready.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

It’s safe to say that Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is being relatively well spent when you consider the actor’s efforts as an active environmentalist. DiCaprio has earned praises for his philanthropic work by setting up huge solar energy-generating plants across deserts in America. His charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, primarily promotes solar energy consumption to tackle the world’s gravest environmental problem of global warming. The actor has set up solar panels to power his home and drives eco-friendly electric cars, like the Tesla Roadster and a Fisker Karma hybrid.

His foundation also has initiatives in developing education for children, like setting up a computer learning center at a public library in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. DiCaprio has even worked with orphaned children from SOS Children’s Village in Maputo, Mozambique while shooting the movie Blood Diamond.

In 2010, the actor donated $1 million for Haiti relief efforts, and another million dollars to Wildlife Conservative Society to help secure the fate of tigers across the world. DiCaprio is known for donating at least $40,000 to charities that he attends, and to curb illegal and fatal diamond mining across the world, the actor is also an investor in Diamond Foundry,a company that produces synthetic diamonds.

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth Breakdown

Sources Earnings
Acting Since 1995 $243.9 million
Endorsement Deals $77 million
As a Movie Producer $6.5 million
Income From Investments $96.5 million
Total Earnings (1995-2016) $423.9 million
Estimated Taxes (Lifetime) $171.7 million
Estimated Expenditure $32.5 million
Payouts $204.2 million
Estimated Annual Salary $20.2 million
Leonardo DiCaprio 2016 Net Worth $216.8 million

DiCaprio Assets

Leonardo DiCaprio has over $27 million worth of immovable assets across the country. The Inception star had been living in his Hollywood mansion for quite some time. The actor bought this mansion for $2 million soon after his Titanic earnings.  The house spreads across 21,700 square feet with a basketball court in the backyard, and is worth over $10 million in today’s market. The actor has reportedly sold his beautiful beachfront home in Malibu for $17.35 million.

Leonardo also has an eco-friendly penthouse in Battery Park, New York. The 7,693-square-foot triplex apartment is reportedly worth somewhere between $30 million and $40 million. The actor has been living there for the past few years and is neighbors with spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. DiCaprio also owns a $3 million asset in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs. The Modernist-themed house of 7,022 square feet boasts six bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a sunken bar in the living room. The Catch Me If You Can actor also owns a luxury 450-foot yacht worth around $200 million. The sailing masterpiece is the 11th largest yacht in the world, offering 16 guest rooms, a cinema, a wine cellar, and can house 45 crew members on board.

Earlier this year, Leonardo grabbed the Golden Globe and a BAFTA  for Best Actor for his role in Alejandro Inarritu’s The Revenant. This year’s Academy Awards had the most suitable tag line for Leonardo. The “We all dream in gold” slogan is rightfully put as DiCaprio has made his dream, and eager wishes of his huge fan base, come true. The humble acting champion has finally won the elusive Oscar for Best Actor after chasing it for nearly two decades!