It’s Throwback Thursday, and you know what that means: tons of celebrities sharing their favorite moments of the past! This time, we’re looking at Lenny Kravitz sharing a very special backstage pass, and he couldn’t have timed it better.

Posted to both Twitter and Instagram, the throwback video features Kravitz and legendary R&B singer/songwriter Natalie Cole backstage at a tribute concern for late Beatle John Lennon held in Tokyo, Japan in December of 1990. The caption is pretty self-explanatory: “#TBT #NatalieCole and I backstage at the John Lennon Tribute concert in Tokyo, Dec. ‘90.” But the video itself is what matters here. In this 15-second clip, we see that Lenny Kravitz and Natalie Cole were clearly enjoying a special moment, singing and dancing together along to the music.

#TBT @nataliecoleofficial and I backstage at the John Lennon Tribute concert in Tokyo, Dec. ’90. Video by @elvissmith


A video posted by Lenny Kravitz (@lennykravitz) on

Kravitz clearly chose this video for 2016’s first Throwback Thursday for a reason, and it is pretty clear. Unfortunately, Natalie Cole passed away at age 65 on December 31, exactly one week ago today, due to congestive heart failure. The daughter of the famous Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole had an exceptional career, with her discography spanning from her first album in 1975 to her last, which is entirely in Spanish, in 2013. She also overcame a drug addiction and a fierce battle with hepatitis C before her unfortunate passing.

While it’s unclear how he met Cole, Lenny Kravitz was obviously shaken by her death. Upon receiving news of her passing, Kravitz wrote on Instagram, “As the new year was ushered in, an angelic instrument moved on. Natalie Cole’s voice was perfection. And what a lady… You will be missed my dear. Love [sic].” The post was accompanied by a picture of her performing in her youth. A fan commenting on the post probably said it best: “Rest in Eternal Peace beautiful Natalie. Your spirit lives on into Eternity. Bless.”



Photo: Instagram/lennykravitz

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