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We’re not even half way through the day and Lena Dunham’s engaged pic already has us confused! Are Lena Dunham and Bob Saget engaged, or is this just a publicity stunt?

Lena Dunham’s Instagram

Is Full House alum, Bob Saget really Lena Dunham’s boyfriend or is he her fiancé? The Girls star recently posted a picture on her Instagram posing next to her alleged “new partner,” captioned “We’re engaged! He said yes! Watch @theviewabc to see us revel in it.” Could this be true? The Internet is just as confused as we are!

Instagram -Lena Dunham

True or False?

Stars Lena Dunham and Bob Saget are on The View as guests hosts, but that the only truth to this post, so far. There are too many holes and too many questions in this story.

Where’s Dunham’s engagement ring? Why didn’t she mention it to Maria Shriver on her Today interview? What happened between her and Jack Antonoff? A girl who has no problems saying “penis” on live TV normally wouldn’t be afraid to announce her engagement to one of Hollywood’s most iconic TV dads! Nope, we don’t buy it! Likely, this is just classic Dunham trying to get some press for her guest hosting gig, but fans were quick to congratulate her all the same!

Guess we will have to watch The View to find out!