Lele Pons onstage at WE Day California at The Forum (Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Stringer)

While some of Lele Pons’ Instagram fans are still wondering if she and Mexican cutie Juanpa Zurita are getting married, new speculations of her dating fellow IG star Twan Kuyper have taken over the Internet! But for years, Lele Pons has confused fans about her relationship status and who exactly she’s been in real romances with! Find out who Lele Pons is dating in 2018.

Internet personality Lele Pons was most popularly romantically linked to fellow YouTuber and social media star, Juanpa Zurita. Especially after he got down on one knee with a ring box in his hand and they shared a kiss on stage!

But given the fact that Pons is a huge prankster and comedienne extraordinaire, the whole thing might as well have been a gimmick! She and Zurita aren’t married yet and neither party has announced any news about an engagement. Fans decidedly ruled out the engagement as a hoax since neither of them ever commented on it and there was never any confirmation of a wedding.

But now, there’s a new boy on the block, and it’s none other than the charming Twan Kuyper! So, let the rumors begin again!

Not the First of Lele Pons’s Dating Rumors

The 22-year-old is a proud Venezuelan-American. She is one of the most followed social media stars with over 25.0 million followers on Instagram alone!

Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita, her “best friend,” have been famous for their gut-busting videos. The closeness they shared even convinced fans that they were really dating! And according to reports, at one time, they actually were! But with both of them keeping mum on their alleged romance, it was never confirmed directly from them.

The couple has always referred to each other as friends, and to this day, remain tight-lipped about their personal life. But when Zurita, 22, got down on one knee on stage for his alleged proposal, there was an uproar among fans!

It turns out, when he was “proposing” to her in Spanish, all he was asking her was if she would present the show with him, to which she said, “Yes!” Typical Pons!

Are Lele and Twan Dating?

Now, fans are wondering if Lele Pons is Twan Kuyper’s girlfriend! And they have every reason to wonder! The couple has been posting a lot of relationship-like videos lately, both showing what looks like some real chemistry behind the camera. They started working together on social media years ago and their latest videos have fans raising eyebrows about a possible relationship brewing.

Lele Pons With Twan

Lele Pons Shared an Instagram Post With Twan (Photo: Instagram/lelepons)

Kuyper and Pons are seen together acting as a “couple” in videos, but fans have always wondered if they ever truly hooked up. They assured fans that they are very comfortable with each other and share a special bond that most people who are friends rarely get to experience.

Pons even said that she worries about him like a mother does, and she recalled an incident when the couple went to Coachella and Kuyper was out partying! A friendship like no other indeed!

They have known one another for over four years. And while the couple looks like they are made for each other, it appears that they are nothing more than good friends that share a very special bond! So, who is Lele Pons’ boyfriend in 2018 then?

Well, it looks like she’s single and living her life to the fullest! But that doesn’t mean she’s not looking for a relationship, so maybe we can all expect a “boyfriend” in her life soon.

The last news of an official “boyfriend” was in 2016 when it was reported that she was dating Ray Diaz from Jake Paul’s Team 10. In fact, according to reports, Diaz even got Lele’s name tattooed on his skin! Videos of the two smooching and being uber cute together hit the Internet, and even though the two reportedly split in 2017, it looks like a strange Instagram account with the username ‘raypons_lelediaz’ continued to post images of the two of them together. According to rumors, even her best friend Amanda Cerny was throwing shade toward Pons after her split from Diaz. And there were even rumors that she dated Logan Paul from April to May 2016. (Hence, the onslaught of rumors claiming she cheated on Diaz.) Well, there must be some truth in the fact that she was once head over heels for Diaz; there is a video of her getting the inside of her lip tattooed with his name!

As for who she’s actually dating now, it really could be anyone’s guess! This girl has fans more confused about her love life by the day! But one thing is for sure; she seems more than happy to post her witty and wise-cracking posts on social media with both Twan Kuyper and Juanpa Zurita! The trio is often featured on each other’s Instagram pages, along with fellow IG star Hannah Stocking.