Legion season 2, episode 1 finally premiered on April 3, 2018, on FX. It was an eagerly awaited event for millions of fans, who got hooked on this mind-bending series in its first season. The series, which goes into the deep, dark recesses of the human mind, has been a winner from its very first episode. Things get more twisted and convoluted as David Haller has to up his game to face his archenemy, the Shadow King.

Fans of the FX series, Legion, are thrilled that their favorite show is back. They finally got to watch season 2, episode 1 on April 3, 2018.

Legion is an American cable television series based on the Marvel Comics character, David Haller (Legion).


Dan Stevens stars as David Haller, a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age who gets to meet the “girl of his dreams” in a psychiatric hospital. He has several psychic abilities like telepathy and telekinesis, but he is confused about himself and reality.

Legion season 2, episode 1 did not summarize the entire season 1 storyline as most season premieres do. This only made it tougher for viewers to follow the show by raising more complex questions.

So, if you need to understand what’s going on in your favorite series and want Legion’s season 2, episode 1 explained, then keep reading! We will also give you a Legion episode 1 recap in case you missed it.

Confusion Reigns Supreme

David Haller gets further destabilized. Given the confusion that already fills his schizophrenic mind, it makes it much harder for him to differentiate between what’s in his mind and actual reality.

The episode delved into fascinating subjects like amnesia, time travel, and the narration of the nature of madness as a mental maze.


Trap within a Trap

The episode begins with Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza) and Oliver Bird (Jermaine Clement) in a pool having a conversation about time, when the discussion quickly turns metaphysical. It is then shown that both of them are trapped as the pool is in the eye of Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban), who is seated in front of the Eiffel Tower.

This Parisian scene is shown to be inside another eye of yet another Oliver who is sitting at the bar of a club.

Later, possibly in the same club, Ptonomy Wallace (Jeremie Harris) and Clark Debussy (Hamish Linklater) find Haller surrounded by the clothes of a few disintegrated people.

Hunting Down a Common Enemy

Haller learns that his team of Summerland mutants has merged with Division 3 because Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) and Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller) convinced the leaders of Division 3 that most mutants are harmless. So, the two groups have now joined hands to hunt down dangerous enemies like Farouk.


Syd gives Haller the details of the Division 3 organization after telling him that he had been away for 362 days and not a few hours as he initially thought.

Haller then finds out that the guy with a basket on his head is actually Admiral Fukuyama. He is the hivemind boss of Division 3 that refers to itself as “the machine that bleeds.”

Still Under the Influence

Ptonomy believes that Farouk (the Shadow King) still has a hold on Haller. Meanwhile, Syd agrees with him that Haller’s memory loss is suspect.

Clark visits Haller and tells him that to get to the bottom of what happened, the organization will have to carbon-date Haller like a fossil. He also reveals that Farouk (the Shadow King) “came to be” in the 1800s in Morocco.

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Mayhem in the Mind

The objective now is to find Farouk’s true body before Farouk himself does. If he reunites his mental presence with his physical form, it will make him too powerful to be stopped.

When Haller tries to recover his memories and locate Farouk, he has extended flashbacks to bizarre scenes where he, Lenny, and Oliver are indulging in dance battles.


A Hazy Shade of Future

Haller is also convinced that a version of Syd is in the orb and is from the future, and he wants him to help Farouk find his physical body. He also feels that the future Syd sent the orb to take him in the first place, but that point is a bit hazy.

Legion season 2, episode 1 plays intensive mind games with the show’s viewers. It sets up the tempo for what could a real mind-challenging season of Legion.  

Legion’s Reviews for Season 1

Although it had a smaller niche audience when compared to other late night series, Legion’s season 1 received positive reviews from critics and had been appreciated by viewers.

The review website, Rotten Tomatoes, said about the series, “Bold, intelligent and visually arresting, Legion is a masterfully surreal and brilliantly daring departure from traditional superhero conceits.”

So, don’t forget to watch the incredible mind-twisting second season of Legion every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on FX!

Click below to watch Legion’s trailer for season 2:

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