Credits: Instagram/arianagrande

It is a pleasure listening to Ariana Grande when she collaborates with a powerful singer like Macy Gray. That’s why we insist that you listen to “Leave Me Lonely,” Ariana Grande ‘s new song from Dangerous Woman. Dangerous Woman is Ariana Grande’s new album released on iTunes. Download it and go to it’s eighth track, “Leave Me Lonely.” While it’s not yet possible to listen to “Leave Me Lonely” song for free, you can check out its preview on Spotify. And, while you do that, read the “Leave Me Lonely” lyrics to make sure you get the words right.

You are about to get addicted to this song. It is one of the most soulful and jazzy numbers ever. Especially, when pop diva Ariana Grande brings her amazing vocal range to Macy Gray’s deep performance. The song is about the despairs in love and how separation makes everything worse. Reading the “Leave Me Lonely” lyrics will let you know the incredible wordplay in it.

So, make sure you read “Leave Me Lonely” lyrics on and download Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman album on iTunes. You can listen to “Leave Me Lonely” for free by listening to its preview on Spotify below.